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Groups for Comics Genres?

It's probably just me but wouldn't it be better to organize topics about comics in general into the differenty subcategories such as romance, action, fantasy, etc. so that people who are offended by such categories don't have to find them in the foru

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need prayer

some of my past is haunting me spiritually mentally and emotionally and possibly phyiscally bad spelling on that last word i know sorry.fighting a really deep depression that seems to have no bottom and falling farther and farther down not sure what

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Artists Wanted

Hi Friends !At first I'd like to wish all of you a very Happy 2008 .... and may all your dreams come true !!!I belong to a new Graphic Novel Publishing company located in India called 'Kalyani Navyug Publications' and we're targeting classic and orig

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Afraid of plagiarism

I have just begun this idea of comics for witnessing tools, but one of my biggest hold-ups is that I am concerned that what I produce will be similar or the same as someone else's work. What's the word on this subject? I mean, there is "NO WAY" to kn

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My prose has returned!

I finally started writing poems again after 4 grueling years of unmotivated attempts! So in celebration of this occasion, I present to you an old story of mine called "Arctic Fox." It's been published in a magazene already, so I hope it's still enjoy

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whats' new

hello my name is Demetrius a.k.a Dj. I'm new to this and I don't know exactly what a forum is. I joined this site in hopes of finding other who share my passion. I just recently started my first comic and I'm in the process of writing my second. I ha

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