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need prayer

some of my past is haunting me spiritually mentally and emotionally and possibly phyiscally bad spelling on that last word i know sorry.fighting a really deep depression that seems to have no bottom and falling farther and farther down not sure what

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Artists Wanted

Hi Friends !At first I'd like to wish all of you a very Happy 2008 .... and may all your dreams come true !!!I belong to a new Graphic Novel Publishing company located in India called 'Kalyani Navyug Publications' and we're targeting classic and orig

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Afraid of plagiarism

I have just begun this idea of comics for witnessing tools, but one of my biggest hold-ups is that I am concerned that what I produce will be similar or the same as someone else's work. What's the word on this subject? I mean, there is "NO WAY" to kn

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My prose has returned!

I finally started writing poems again after 4 grueling years of unmotivated attempts! So in celebration of this occasion, I present to you an old story of mine called "Arctic Fox." It's been published in a magazene already, so I hope it's still enjoy

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whats' new

hello my name is Demetrius a.k.a Dj. I'm new to this and I don't know exactly what a forum is. I joined this site in hopes of finding other who share my passion. I just recently started my first comic and I'm in the process of writing my second. I ha

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Prophesy News Watch Updates!!

Hey everyone, got an email from Prophesy News Watch, here are three articles that really stood out the most and I figured I would share them with you as well, you can just go to the link, much faster that way. :DJesus is everything skit draws MILLION

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