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Hey, all!

Man... It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. I had a webcomic going for a while but when I decided to end it I kind of shifted my attentions to other things entirely. Comics in general kind of lost their hold on me for a bit

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Durian candy.

Have you ever tasted durian?

If you've never heard of it, durian is a tropical fruit known for its... distinctive odor and taste. Some love it, some gag over it.

I've always wanted to try it to see what all the fuss is about. I've heard it tastes

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   In April of last year I went to Cambodia looking to help meet the needs of an orphanage in the heart of Phnom Penh called "Water Of Life". Little did I realize the impact that trip would have on my life.
   In many, many ways Cambodia is still bear

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Website help.

Hey guys...

   So, I'm trying to build the site for my strip (that I've been working on diligently for the better part of a year), and I planned on using WordPress/ComicPress to do just that.

   I transferred my domain name to a WordPress friendly host

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Hey all...

   I just wanted to pass this along. I thought you might be interested...
   This is a video of my good friend, Holly, giving her testimony of how she came to the Lord- of how she went from a violent drug dealing lesbian to a Christian miss

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Excellent podcast.

Stand To Reason is a Christian apologetics organization focused on answering challenges to the faith, but also in developing the appropriate, and grace-filled character as an ambassador for Christ.

Greg Koukl's writings (he's the founder), and his pod

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   I'm not sure this post belongs here, but I just had to share this...

   I just stumbled across Travis Charest's "SpaceGirl" and I am COMPLETELY blown away.


   I remember Charest's work from years ago. His stuff is mesmerizing. I don't think his stor

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"For Greater Glory"

   I just finished watching this fantastic film about the Mexican people's struggle for religious freedom against their secular/totalitarian government as it attempts to wipe out the Catholic church in order to gain complete and total control of the

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Pet peeves.

   Okay, it's late. It's 2 AM, and I should call it a night. But, for some reason I'd rather write this silly post just for kicks...

   I've got quite a few pet peeves. I admit it. But not too long ago I saw something that just make me smile... and ma

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Seth's Blog

Hey all,

   I read Seth Godin's blog pretty much every day- (he's probably today most important voice on modern marketing, and the new information based economy) - and I read this a few days ago, and have been mulling it over. I thought I'd share. 


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My friend Ron

   A good friend of mine is in the final stages of Lou Gehrig's disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), and the doctor's say it could be any day now.

   Please pray for Ron (he knows the Lord) that the peace of God would rest upon him.

   My family an

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   Almost every day I visit Seth Godin's site to see what he has to say. (For those of you who never heard of him Seth is probably the leading voice in new social media marketing, and the new internet based business economy.)

   He regularly makes gre

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