Marketing help.

Hey all...

I'm wondering if you can give me a hand... I'm looking for new "places" to basically market my strip, From Nothing.

I've been looking for blogs, or sites that basically cater to Christians and/or conservatives who are interested in pop culture, apologetics, or music.

Generally, I'm looking for something not stiff, but not hip either. In essence, I'm trying to find other Christians much like myself, like-minded folks who might possibly dig my strips.

If you know of any blogs or sites can you pass along a link?


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  • Thanks for this post Steve.  It's gathering a lot of information that a lot of us could use.

  • Thank you very much Steve, I really enjoy your work and think it will make an impact!

  • Christian magazines and radio stations. Find as many as you can and send them press releases of your strip. =D

  • Troy,

    Thanks so much!

    You are more than welcome to post whatever you like from my site, as long as it follows the permission policy. It reads-

    You are free to do the following without my permission:
    • Link to my site or any specific strip/post on my site
    • Print off my posts and photocopy for internal distribution within your church, company, or organization.
    • Print my strips/posts in any non-commercial publication (e.g., church newsletter, company newsletter, class syllabus, etc.), provided you include this copyright notice: “© 2013, Steve Crespo. All rights reserved. Originally published at”
    You are NOT free, and must have my express written consent, to do any of the following:
    • Use this content in for commercial purposes, including selling or licensing printed or digital versions of my content.
    • Alter, transform, or build upon my work.

    Thank you so much! God bless!

  • Steve,

    I would really like to put a link on my site to your page,  site

    my goals are to bring lost souls to know Jesus Christ. If you would be interested at some point I would love to post some of your work.


  • Christian mags I was thinkin the same thing. Just hit up the Christian bookstore and see what mags are out and they will gladly welcome you in. You definitely have the credentials. Once you hit Christian mags have your website post there and they will check it out. Even if you have to spend a little doe it might be worth it.

  • I agree with exploring Deviantart a little. I posted some sketches for an upcoming comic and people seem interested in it. I'm sure there would be much more buzz for a comic that is already out there!

    You can also post on The Webcomic List and in The Webcomic List Forum under "show your comic" threads. It's secular and open to all comics, but people who are interested might take a look.  The forum generates some good view numbers.

    This is another site that is open to general webcomics, but you can get specific in your comic description.

    Other options are "Project Wonderful", a  low-cost bidding system that would allow you to buy cheap ad-space (you set the limits, like a dollar a day).  And you can search for host sites that are similar to what you are promoting.

    Banner exchanges with similar content are great as well.

    Hope that helps!

  •    Yeah, I've been posting regularly on specific sites and blogs, but I'm looking to expand my presence in my target market.

       The Christian Post is a gem! Never heard of it! Thank you, Buzz!

       I have a very underdeveloped Deviant Art page. Maybe I should ramp it up a bit. I'll look into it. Thanks, Brien!

       Also, I'm working up some banner ads that I hope to post up to my site soon. So, Mark, if you're willing, maybe you can use one of those? Lemme know!

       Thanks, all!

       Just tryin' to get this thang out there!

  • Consider making guest and fan comics for other strips that are popular. That is always good marketing for yourself
  • see if churches will include a sample and link in the sunday bulletins in print or if they have online church bulletins ask if you can post it as a section.

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