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  • Thanks Haley!!

  • Thanks For The Welcome! :)
  • Hey Hailey! It was wonderful to read your kind words in my comments section.  I haven't been on in a while, so that's why I have taken so long to respond.  Your testimony is quite inspiring.  I hope to see your creative work change lives in the future :)

  • Hi Hailey;

    Thank you for your kind words and friend request. Hope you are being blessed.


  • Sorry I took awhile responding to your invite ^_^' I haven't been using this site as much as my deviantart and mangamagazine accounts. But that will change now. I miss going on this site.
  • Great googley moogley, Hailey! I was not expecting to meander onto CCAS and find a lovely wall of encouragement on my page~ Thank you very kindly for the kindness and uplifting words. c:

    That chapter of my life I have analysed (mostly in the past year) and recovered from for the most part. (Though, I'm sure thoughts aren't something you cut cold turkey)

    I'm trying to get to know God more. (mmm good for ya like chocolate ;) ) And take things as they come. I think he'll do great things for you as well as me, despite our problems with ourselves at times. 

    Also thank you for the kind compliments on ze art. c:

  • Thank you very much Hailey, sorry for the late reply but I have been focusing my comics and efforts on DA and Facebook the last few months, I'm glad you enjoyed my comics. :)

  • Yes, my parents named me "Warrior." And God is truly awesome.  He has done and continues to do awesome things in my life.

  • Hey!  Sorry for the delay, it was a busy week at school... we had monday and tuesday off because of the snow, which was helpful to catch up on things, but then it was full steam ahead wednesday- friday... & i spent  much of today working on an inking project for my methods & materials class.

    So questions, questions... I'm 34.  I'm married and I have a son.  Ages of students at the school vary, people come from all walks of life, and from many different countries.  It's a very diverse group.

    I grew up a preacher's kid, my Dad and Mom were highly active in the church, and in christian ministry, my mom was manager of a christian radio station... and so I was always inside church walls.  When I got older I rebelled, I resisted God and all the things I knew were true.  I knew God was real, and that Jesus was his one and only Son, but I was scared to give myself over to that... I thought I would lose myself... and I guess in a way I did... or I lost my false self, and I found the real me.  I was set free to be more like him, which is the me i was meant to be.  you see, it's partially about losing, about dying, but it's also about rebirth and awakening, and being made whole and complete.  You can't have the one without the other, you need the dying to become alive.  You need the loss to be made whole.  You need to empty your cup, so that it can be filled with something better.  

    I was 19 when Jesus messed up my life completely, turned it all upside down.  I went to a christian camp, and that was it, when i came back I wasn't at all the same.  Everyone could see the difference... they could see Him, and I wasn't standing in the way as much.

    Anyway, I spent time seeking him and studying his word, and searching for his plan for my life.  I did many things, from drawing comics, to making movies, to writing stories, to playing in a punk band, to being a youth leader, to teaching martial arts, to doing traveling drama ministry... I got married, and had a kid, and kind of settled into a job that I didn't really like... and i got tired and frustrated and confused about God's purpose and plan for me, I felt like i missed something, like i took a wrong turn... and i prayed for freedom, for liberation, from something i seemed to have built for myself, something that was holding me back and keeping me in...

    and then my wife and i decided if i was going to draw comics (comics were the thing i settled on.  I always drew and wrote my own stories, when i was young i was just too lazy to draw sequentially... and actually when i started really being serious about this, about 2 years ago, i wanted to draw manga) and do it professionally, i needed to go to school, to take my skills to the next level.  so i sought out some masters to teach me the art, and i settled on the kubert school.  I had read about it in some of my how to draw comics books... so i wrote them an email, and drove up for a tour, and that was pretty much it... when i saw it, i knew i wanted to go there.  i mean sure i was scared, it was far, and it was hard, and i'm older, and i have a lot to learn about all of this... but much of our walk with God is getting out of our comfort zones and following him wherever he would have us go...

    so yeah here i am.  

    There are some christians at the kubert school besides me.  And there are some churches in the area.  I haven't really been to a church since I've been here, but we do have a bible study that meets once a week at the school.

    I think wherever you go and whatever you do, there will be challenges and obstacles.  It's difficult to find the balance between christian and secular, and to find where we fit in as the hands and feet of Jesus on earth.  I won't say that it's always easy, but I do believe this is where i am meant to be.  And when i say it's difficult, i don't mean it's difficult to know

  • :)

This reply was deleted.