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Okay, I guess we know what we're doing….but that still leaves some things up for discussion. =)

How We Are Going to Do It

Why We Are Doing It

What Do We Want to Get Out of This

How Do We Want This To Impact Others

What Do We Want This To Develop Into

Who Is Our Target Audience?

How are we going to appeal to Our Target Audience?

What are we trying to accomplish through all of this?

What Are Useful Ideas/Connections/Resources I Can Offer?

Who would be willing to support/sponsor us? How will we appeal to them?

By the way, I think a mission's statement would be great to keep us focused and motivated. Any ideas?

((Possibly Bad) Examples include: Christians Creating Comics to Change the World, Christian Nerds Coming Together In Unity, etc.) Yeah...I know those are pretty awful, but it's off the top of my head, okay? The real point we're going to here is planning and sharing ideas to make this happen. Thanks for reading all this, please post soon! :)

P.S. - Is anyone gonna post anything here?………ANYONE???? Okay, I see how it is. =/ Haha, just messing with you. But seriously you guys, please post SOMETHING. Some things you are posting on the main thing could totally go here. (At least I think…O.o)

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  • Haha, yeah…I figure this is a christian event thing, not evangelism. So, what we're going for here is bringing Christian geeks together. Now how we go about that, is another thing. :) We should have explanations for the curious seekers though and things available for them, like Eric was saying. Now the how is the big question here. Besides debating things, can we get some ideas in here about how to do different things? Because that's kind of one of my main concerns here...

  • I think if we just offer the tables/booths to a variety of Christian publishers, artists, and companies that we are sure of, the "purpose" will present itself. Some will concentrate on evangelism, some will concentrate offering family-friendly material, some will offer to hardcore comic fans, some will offer to gamers, etc.

    And even if the whole thing is presente as a Christian event, some will come who are curious, some will be kids or young Christians wo don't know the basics, and some wil be brought by others--so I think an evangelistic aspect is still worthwhile. At the very least, Christian attendees may find material that they can GIVE to a non-Christian or otherwise evangleize with.
  • Just my two cents about the outreach/evangelism aspect:

    I think it would be pretty difficult to get non-believers to go to Christian con without tricking them. I think the ones who are interested or curious will come on their own or their friends will bring them. I think most of the people involved so far seem pretty evangelistic so I'm guessing personal evangelism will probably be the way people get reached out to at the con, not to mention the Christian material that will be everywhere.


    The most we would need would be a reminder in the orientation book to keep evangelism in mind.


    Booths at secular shows seem like a better, more specialized outreach tool than a Christian con.

  • If our vision (or is it purpose) is to bring Christian geeks together, then why are we also talking about outreach or evangelism? Let's not lose sight of our purpose (or vision).

    "Christian geeks coming together" - is that our vision or our purpose? Ralph?

  • Kay. =P

    Jotham David Parker said:

    I'll think about some of these questions and post again later.

    Vision, Motivation, Mission Statement, and more.
    Edited after reading Don's Comment: Okay, I guess we know what we're doing….but that still leaves some things up for discussion. =) How We Are Going…
  • Haha, funny. -.-

    Jotham David Parker said:

    A response!

    Vision, Motivation, Mission Statement, and more.
    Edited after reading Don's Comment: Okay, I guess we know what we're doing….but that still leaves some things up for discussion. =) How We Are Going…
  • I'll think about some of these questions and post again later.

  • A response!

  • Hailey,

    Very good thoughts and suggestions. You may have missed the original announcement that was posted on the Main Page of the CCAS ning site. That is understandable since the main page gets updated everyday with various announcements from the members and so forth. It has gotten lost in the shuffle. Below is the announcement again which hopefully will answer some of your questions. Thanks again.

    Alpha Omega Members (Convention Vision Statement),

    The Christian Comic Arts Society is exploring the possibility of hosting a Christian themed pop culture convention.  The CCAS hosted a Spiritual Themes in Comics and Related Media panel at the Bent Con in November 2013, which is the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-sexual) themed pop culture convention in Southern California. Buzz Dixon and I hosted the panel, along with two other panelists.  The panel went well and we were invited to host the panel next year.  After four years this convention has grown from less than a thousand to over three thousand.  It was very well organized and people manning the con were very gracious and kind towards us. 

    One of the things that has been an outgrowth of the CCAS presence at the comic conventions has been an outreach to others in the comic book community.  The CCAS is a light the community, in order not to compromise the gospel or the Bible, but build bridges to share the gospel.  And over the years at Comic Con the Spiritual Themes in Comics panel has had pagans, WICCANS, agnostics, Jews, and even atheists on the spiritual themes panel.  The purpose is to share what Christians believe in a non-confrontational setting.  Prism is the LGBT equivalent to the CCAS and over the past couple of years the CCAS has been trying to build a bridge.  As a result of that communication, the CCAS was invited to propose a Spiritual Themes in Comics panel at 2013 Bent Con.  One of the statements by the founder of Prism that really motivated me was that he said, “When you talk to us, don’t patronize us and don’t tell us what we want to hear.” So the CCAS submitted the idea and they accepted.   

    The panel at the Bent Con went well.  Of course, the other two panelists and the audience were not Christians, but Christ was talked about in the discussion.  Some thought He was a myth, some thought He was just a historical figure, but His death, burial, and resurrection were discussed at a LGBT event.  The audience was about 15-20 people, but among those there a hunger for something spiritual.  The program organizer mentioned that this has been the first panel that they have been able to discuss spiritual themes and they were so thankful that we were there.   And since they want the CCAS for next year, please pray that we will even be bolder in our presentation of Jesus Christ.

    Here is a successful convention that is hosted by a subculture of a subculture in a region that has at least four major comic conventions; Comic Con International, WonderCon, Long Beach Comic Con, and Comikaze, during the year.  

    I saw one of organizers of Comic Con International at the Bent Con.  When I mentioned the possibility of doing a Christian themed convention, he was very encouraging.  He even offered to give us some advice as needed.  Now, the CCAS is exploring the feasibility of doing a Christian themed convention.

    The CCAS has had a convention presence at comic book conventions across the United States for over 15 years.  Recently the CCAS had a booth at a Christian Music event in the Southern California which draws about 10,000.  Many of the attendees were introduced to the Christian involvement in the comic book medium for the first time.  With the explosion of convention attendance at comic book cons, and even specific oriented con such as the Bent Con, it may time that the CCAS looks at the possibility of expanding its influence to hosting a Christian themed, faith based, family friendly pop culture convention.  This is to show that Christian comics and sci-fi/fantasy fans become aware of our convention presence, panels, projects, website, publications and non-profit status.  If this is going to be reality, it might just take a grass roots effort among fans and professionals, looking not to corporate sponsorship, but prayerfully seeking the will of the Lord.  Since we are still in the concept and feasibility stage we welcome any suggestions, thoughts or comments you may have in this preliminary organizing stage.

    The Purpose of a Christian Pop Culture Con

    1.) To provide an environment Christian, faith based, and family friendly exhibitors and fans to meet, fellowship, and network.  

    2.) To expand the audience awareness of Christian, faith based, and family friendly products in the comic book, graphic novels, science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and other related genres. 

    3.) To provide a family friendly/faith based alternative to the secular comic book and related media conventions.  And an alternative to the retailer focus of the Christian conventions. To provide an opportunity for fans to interact with people involved in the industry. 

    4.) Long term goals: To provide an educational forum for aspiring Christian comics professionals to learn basic comics history, gain or hone skills in script writing, art production, philosophy of Christian content and other aspects of comic book/graphic novel creation. 

    5.) As the convention grows other educational aspects of popular media culture can be addressed such as film, television, internet, gaming, and science fiction/fantasy writing from a Christian perspective.

    The Vision
    To expand the reach and influence of Christian themed, faith based, and family friendly product to the fan audience and to the mainstream audience.  

    Here are some of the volunteer staff positions needed for organizing this type of convention;

    I.  Executive Director

    II. Facilities Director

       A. Large room for vendors/dealers

       B. One or two rooms for programming

    III. Vendors/dealers Director

        A. Point person who would coordinate with vendors and dealers


        1. Artist Alley director

    IV. Program Director

       A. Point person to evaluate and schedule panels and speakers.

       Sub-directors under Program director

       B. Guest & Pro Coordinator: Person who will interact with special guests & pros

       C. Publication director: In charge of Con Program book & other print media

       D. Con Documentarian: Still photos and video of Con events for future publicity

    V. Financial Director

       A. Person who is the treasurer/accountant

    VI. Security Director

       A. Point Person to head up security arrangements

    VII. Publicity Director

       A. Point person to head up publicity and marketing

           1. Internet marketing 

           2. Conventional marketing (Flyers to local comic book stores, newspapers)


       B. Media Relations: dealing with outside media (TV, Radio, etc.)

    VIII: Web Master (This could be done through the CCAS web site)

    IX: Registration Director

    X. Volunteer Director

    There is the possible option of collaborating with such organizations such as Geeky Guys for God, Game Church, and ROX35.  For it to be successful is going to be the effort by volunteers and raising money to cost such as facility rental, signage, program guide, and internet service just to name a few.

    The Bent Con did not get any sponsorship the first year, which may be same case for this convention.  It will only be successful by the volunteer efforts of those who would be willing to put in the time to make this convention a reality.

    We are asking for your prayers and that you prayerfully consider helping the CCAS in some capacity.  Thank you for your time and may the Lord richly bless you.

    In Christ,

    Ralph Ellis Miley

    CCAS President

  • We do have a statement of purpose and vision.  Christian geeks coming together.  Once we can determine the cost, then we can have something to aim for.

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