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The Spiritman Update 354

What is she seeing that has her so disturbed? Got to go back a few panels to find out... or just visit our updated website at
When the woman saw that she was not hidden, she came trembling; and falling down before him declared to him in the presence of all the people the reason why she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately. Luke 8:47 WMB
Want more? Check out today's bonus panel at
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When Funny-animal Comics become more than funny

Anthropomorphic animals have long been used by amatuer and pro creators to express intangable truths and values.There's not a whole lot of crossover comics between True-story, Manga, Superhero, Graffiti-style and Anthro comics; each genre having been skillfully developed for a specific fan-base. As an Anthro web-comic artist, I occaisionally wonder if I've chosen the best vehicle for expressing Spiritual truth.

Anthro comics have a huge "fun factor" and permit a lot more freedom of direction in characters, expressions and plot directions. And like with spandex and sculpted superheroes, both fan and creator soon get past what the character is and get into their motives and values.

I just wrapped up a year-long story, AbalonofCalifornia, on Deviant Art gallery and decided to let my readers ask questions of the characters:  .        The questions have been fun, and I tried to keep the answers fun as well.  One of the main characters, Patron, is clearly a 'Christ-figure' in the story, and a reader asked Patron "Are you the patron saint of anything other than Abalon?"    CSLewis (Author of the Narnian Chronicles) had one of the principle characters pose this question to Aslan, the Christ-like Lion of Narnia: "Are you just the King of Narnia or are you in all worlds"?     Whew; loaded question!

As I considered how my character, Patron, would answer...and how Christ might answer...and I looked to the Gospel of John, chapter 10, where CHrist goes deep into his identitiy; I considered what a powerful vehicle "funny animals" can be.9792088285?profile=RESIZE_710x

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While purusing PREVIEWS, The Atomic Junk Shop gave a nice mention of THE SWORD OF EDEN graphic novel.
And do you want to find out if THE SWORD OF EDEN "might be fun," too?
Well, then let your local comic book store know...
Diamond Comic Distributors has solicited THE SWORD OF EDEN graphic novel (SEP211637) in their September issue of PREVIEWS. The graphic novel will arrive to finer comic book stores in November…
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CCAS livestream videos

I get email announcements about the current series of (fall2021) livestream interviews being moderated by Geoff Strout, Thursdays at 6pm pacific time. I've missed every livestream so far, for too many excuses to bore you with, but since the interviews (usually about an hour+ long) are saved on the CCAS facebook site ( ) its completely easy to go back and listen to them later. Full of great insights, advice, and connection; these interviews are really worth hunting up and listen too.

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I got this nice email/fax from Dave Sim (of CEREBUS fame) helping to promote THE SWORD OF EDEN. Dave really enjoyed the Professor Jack character from THE SWORD OF EDEN graphic novel.
THE SWORD OF EDEN graphic novel Diamond Preorder Code:
THE SWORD OF EDEN graphic novel is all printed, and arrives in comic book stores in November.9596289256?profile=RESIZE_710x9596289072?profile=RESIZE_710x
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Introducing: "Waypoints" from Drawbridge Creations


Introducing a new ministry that may be of interest to fellow comics creators and fans. Would love it if you would check it out and share with any cartoonists or manga fans in your life. 

“Waypoints” is a manga anthology series produced in Japan, featuring stories taken from the Gospels, with each tale told from the point of view of someone whose life was changed by encountering Jesus, each story illustrated by a different artist in his or her own style.

Waypoints is brought to you by Drawbridge Creations — a web-based manga outreach with the three-fold purpose of reaching the unchurched, resourcing the Church, and empowering Christian artists, in order to bridge the gap between Church and culture; between Jesus and Japan.

We truly hope Waypoints will become a useful and effective tool for missionaries in Japan and others who are looking for creative ways to build spiritual bridges with Japanese people (or English-speaking fans of manga). Please check out this series at (Japanese) or Or find out more about our ministry at

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Wandering Through The Mist

I feel like I'm off to such a late start. I never went to art school or even really intended to pursue something like this. I majored in Asian Studies and am now teaching English in Japan. I always thought that I'd never make it. I guess it's likely that I still might not, but I'm taking every day one step at a time trying to give glory to God. None of my writing or stories are intended to convert non-believers or explain the faith, but there are a number of parallels to my own life and walk with Christ. I keep praying every day and every day, God lets me move forward. Sometimes, it's a few steps or a great leap. Other times it's so small that it's barely visible. Sometimes, it's so hard that I just want to give up. But this desire to tell a story just won't go away. So, I'll just keep drawing. I probably won't stop until the day he calls me home.

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I'm so excited to announce that my graphic novel The Spirit Seeds Book 1 has gotten a professional review from OnlineBookClub!!! Big thank you to the reviewer, Trina High.

"The trailer for this tale says that readers will suffer a side effect of "obsessing over the story," and I can certainly testify to that! By page three, I was deeply engrossed in the telling, and I didn't stop reading until I'd completed the book. And then I read it a second time the next day. Then I reread my favorite parts a few days later. ..." 

You can read her full review here:

Hope you enjoy!! 😄 

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Diamond Comic Distributors has solicited THE SWORD OF EDEN graphic novel (SEP211637) in their September issue of PREVIEWS. The graphic novel will arrive to finer comic book stores in November.


The PREVIEWS catalogue goes to all comic book stores. Let your local comic book store know about THE SWORD OF EDEN:

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BRYN print edition

I haven't posted here in a while, but some people may remember my webcomic LABS from a couple years ago.
I wanted to announce the new print edition of my webcomic, BRYN.
"BRYN spent the first thirty years of his life as a science experiment. A year ago, he was rescued. Now he's trying to deal with the trauma and find a normal life. But there's something out there and it's not done with him yet."
You can read BRYN and find out more about his universe at:
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Like almost every other Disney+ subscriber my husband and I have been thoroughly enjoying Loki the TV series. Unlike most subscribers we have also been struggling through endless hoops and obstacles of the IVF process (in vitro fertilization) because we cannot have babies in the typical fashion. Now, the other day CCAS hosted a FANTASTIC panel on the CCAS Facebook page discussing themes and insight into the Loki series (which you can watch here: but I found insight into my own life and walk with the Lord.
The TVA (Time Variance Authority), within the Loki series, is in charge of enforcing the protection of the Sacred Timeline. Now this brings up ALL sorts of discussion as to what makes it so sacred and who makes that decision but you will just have to listen to our panel if you want to know my thoughts (and the thoughts of my friends) on that topic, instead I am going to focus on the fact that I follow a God that has chosen a path for me that is my sacred timeline. Now I had previously started thinking that I was, like some of the characters on Loki, blindly following my path. I was reminded by a dear friend that I question (and like today have been known to yell at) my God and I follow ANYWAY in faith. This is why I love the stories of comics and tv.
I can't be the only one having these little epiphanies. Let me know of any recent life epiphanies from your favorite comics or comic inspired movies and don't miss our CCAS discussion about Black Widow tomorrow July 29th (7/29) at 7pm Pacific / 9pm Central / 10pm Eastern! As a future parent to a child that will not be biologically related to me I had a unique love for this movie...
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What do we do now?

How do we inspire the creation of characters true to those they should represent? How would women in comics change if their stories were written by women? What can we do to change the mindset of women in comics? What are some of your favorite women in comics and why? (favorite characters, writers and artists) What is it in your life that you think you cannot accomplish? What do we (I) do now?
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