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New Year, New Goals

Hello. My name is Drew Lewis and I'm working on creating a career in writing and illustraion. I love to be a full-time cartoonist and children's book writter. I've self-published a few books on Amazon, but their not selling to well. Right now I'm working on creating a Christian based web comic-strip series. I hope to get it publish in Christan comic books, magazines and\or websites. But I don't know where to go. I need help. 

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When Funny-animal Comics become more than funny

Anthropomorphic animals have long been used by amatuer and pro creators to express intangable truths and values.There's not a whole lot of crossover comics between True-story, Manga, Superhero, Graffiti-style and Anthro comics; each genre having been skillfully developed for a specific fan-base. As an Anthro web-comic artist, I occaisionally wonder if I've chosen the best vehicle for expressing Spiritual truth.

Anthro comics have a huge "fun factor" and permit a lot more freedom of direction in characters, expressions and plot directions. And like with spandex and sculpted superheroes, both fan and creator soon get past what the character is and get into their motives and values.

I just wrapped up a year-long story, AbalonofCalifornia, on Deviant Art gallery and decided to let my readers ask questions of the characters:  .        The questions have been fun, and I tried to keep the answers fun as well.  One of the main characters, Patron, is clearly a 'Christ-figure' in the story, and a reader asked Patron "Are you the patron saint of anything other than Abalon?"    CSLewis (Author of the Narnian Chronicles) had one of the principle characters pose this question to Aslan, the Christ-like Lion of Narnia: "Are you just the King of Narnia or are you in all worlds"?     Whew; loaded question!

As I considered how my character, Patron, would answer...and how Christ might answer...and I looked to the Gospel of John, chapter 10, where CHrist goes deep into his identitiy; I considered what a powerful vehicle "funny animals" can be.9792088285?profile=RESIZE_710x

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Ultimate Millennium #1 available now!

Hey everybody!

I'm a little late on sharing this but Ultimate Millennium #1 is available now!

 A couple weeks ago I uploaded an update that it was off to be printed, and since I've obtained the copies ready to be distributed!


You can acquire one via messaging me through here or through Instagram, or at your local comic shop! 

Visit my instagram page @ryderlcomics to see which stores carry it! (Under the highlight UM #1)



Thank you guys for the support and for your patience!

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Greetings everyone on CCAS! 

The first chapter of the comic I've been working on Ultimate Millennium  is all ready to be printed on the press, however I'm a little short on funds to get it to my hands

I have created a GoFundMe to get the publishing underway - the goal is small, and if it reaches 2/3 it will be ready to print! The other third is to get it expedited. 

If you feel it in your heart to contribute, feel free to. There's no pressure, I'm just excited to share it with everyone as this is the beginning of a tale that only the Lord Jesus provided to me. Can't wait to share this with everyone!

You can take a look and/or contribute HERE

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What Makes for Great Art?

I lead a number of rare digital art communities and just posted some guidelines about what makes for great art in the rare digital art market. These actually are written to have universal application for all creators.

Please read it and let me know what you think!3887897937?profile=RESIZE_710x

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