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Hello! I'm Miranda_Artz. A freelance digital artist, animator, and comic creator. I work in a variety of artstyles ranging from cartoony to anime style. I have dabbled in Mavel/DC artstyles in the past and I have all kinds of artwork on my portfolio to look at. Check it out! 😁 if you'd like to see reviews from people who have hired me in the past please visit:

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'SAMSON:Rise' Comic Available Now!

When Covid19 lockdown started in March last year (in Australia), Daz and I started creating this SAMSON comic together. We agreed to do an 8-page mini comic and make it as awesome as we could, just for fun. We also decided to make it mature, as in for teenagers and adults, not kids. Pretty soon we agreed it needed to be at least 12 pages. 6 months later the art was getting attention, and we expanded it to 16 pages. Now it's 20 pages, we also have a statue designed 🤯 and there's posters on the way. 

Here's possibly my favourite page in the comic; where Samson goes nuts against hundreds of enemy soldiers, with just the jawbone of a donkey. We spent AGES trying to make this page look cool.8914523456?profile=RESIZE_710x

Want to read it and see ALL the art? You can get either digital or print versions here at Terminus Media:

Hope you like the illustration! And I appreciate your support!

Created entirely using Clip Studio Paint :)

P.S. Please let me know in the comments if you buy a copy as a result of seeing this, I'm just interested to know how many followers of my art here will actually support my work :)
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Testimony - I had an actual vision! O.O

This happened on February 23, and I've only told one person until now. There aren't a lot of venues to tell this sort of thing anyway, but my creative brothers and sisters here will understand :)

I've been working with my friend Christen, who is a wonderful musician, to compose a melody for a lullaby I've written for the comic. This song is important to my main character because she learned it from her mother, and it becomes more significant over the course of the series. I'd been struggling with how I can afford to do everything I want to do with SoulBound, and trying to pull together enough knowledge to someday, maybe, possibly adapt it as an animated series. As a sort of pie-in-the-sky pipe dream - I have a lot of those, and usually they fade and are replaced with something else, but this one was quite insistent. So I started outlining what I'd need to actually do it, while also trying not to take it too seriously and break my heart by failing.

Here's part of the email I sent Christen the day after I had an actual real-life vision about it:


Yesterday, I was so tired I just wanted to sit and close my eyes, and when I did, I *saw* the intro to the series, just like I was watching it on tv. It was spooky, this hardly ever happens, and it honestly felt like God saying to go ahead, He'll let it happen. So I hurried up and wrote down a description of the intro so I wouldn't lose what it all looked like before I could storyboard it out. There's no dialogue for the first few minutes. It was all silent and I didn't know what the soundtrack for that section would be.

And so while I was listening to the teaser I realized that was it, it's all come together, you just sent it to me.

And now I'm kind of overwhelmed because SO MUCH is here and it's still such a tiny part of the entire project. O.O

God is good... and this is what I'm meant to be doing, and past that, I don't know anything else at all. My brain might have broken a little. Naturally I'm crying when I think about it too, so there's that to deal with before I can make sense again... XD.

Somehow I'm creating 10 issues of a comic, also got confirmation that a novel adaptation would likely be successful, and also, somehow, the animated series too and this is only one of my stories. I have no idea how and it's all completely beyond me.


I'm still not over it and I'm still crying when I think about it! This is such a weird thing to have a vision about. If I'm this broken and humbled by the possibility of producing a cartoon, imagine what a vision of Jesus would've done to me. o.O Yeah I think that's as much as I can handle. XD It was so real! I'm terrified of dropping the ball now. I always prayed that whatever God wanted for me, that He'd make it obvious so I can't miss it - but I didn't think I'd be tired and grumpy and starting a headache and close my eyes a minute and then watch the intro for my series pilot play out

So this is what I'm meant to do. It's going to take a team and it'll be such a huge responsibility to do right by them, but evidently I'm ready enough to think of it now?

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