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My Content




Gray Court, SC


October 1

Which Category best describes you?

Independent/Self Publisher




Area(s) of Interest or Expertise:

It's time to update! God has done so much in my life!

I'm still a writer and artist, and the B.A. in English hasn't gone anywhere. I've written a novel that's under contract with Silver Empire Press, and I'm publishing my comic series now! I craft cosplay accessories and do facepainting at comic cons, and I've also been commissioned for cover art for a few books now. 

My Testimony: (We encourage members to share briefly about how their faith in Christ has impacted their lives.)

God has blessed me with a gigantic vision for the future of OtherRealm Studio that's absolutely overwhelming - I'm glad I've only seen a tiny bit of what He has in store for me because even this brief flash is so much more than I can handle. I guess I should write a post about it in detail. After years of praying for Him to make what He wanted for me obvious (because I didn't want to miss it!), it's like He laughed and said, "Ok, but it'll flatten you." 


I had been a casual Christian, as was my husband, and our lives were derailing until we didn't think our marriage would work any longer. We had already failed counseling, but I really didn't want us to give up. Then the church we were casually attending held a marriage series called Lord of the Rings, and I could feel God inspiring us both to try again. I called this church and asked for a counseling recommendation and finally we learned to build our marriage on the foundation God had in mind. Our marriage is saved and we are happier together than ever, we've gained so much since we gave our marriage to God! The same approach is working with our finances and our kids, too... Who knew?!

Dream Job: (If you could have your dream job in the comics industry, what would it be?)

I'm living the very beginning of it right now! GOD IS AWESOME!

I'm a writer and an artist with my own fledgling publishing business. I'm currently writing a fantasy series called SoulBound, illustrated by Mia Pearce. I'm  sticking to my principles of staying out of debt and paying for work as it's commissioned, and I earn the budget to do so through comic con vending. That way, issues are nearly complete and paid for by the time I launch crowdfunds, which are essentially preorders for the comics and cover printing fees.

Once the SoulBound series is established, I will be adapting and producing it as an animated series for - probably a streaming service. Somehow. I haven't seen that far ahead.

I also have so many other stories, and I want to create them all and for OtherRealm Studio to be a bastion of storytelling and art that glorifies God and provides for His people. 

(Here is my original answer for comparison's sake: "Ummmm... Probably not in the "industry." Let me see what I can do independently first. My current dream is to finish my current project and see it in print.")

Favorite Comic Creators:

I am currently following developments in the indie comics sphere! I greatly enjoyed Megan Kearney's Beauty and the Beast webcomic and followed it for years until it wrapped up. Girl Genius lost my attention due to neglecting to resolve anything before piling on another complication. I grew tired of certain pervasive tropes in other comics that portray subversive ideals - our culture is experiencing a crisis and could stand a revival of *superversive* ideals. 

I enjoyed Brett McGowan's Changeling #1 in the Mythoverse and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes!