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  • That sounds great. I found no way to chat on the FB page for CCAS, maybe I'm missing something. this attachment was what I was trying to explain PicTvScrnsht.png and this is the link if anyone is interested...... You can even share your desktop in Google Hangouts and Skype. Totally safe. they all kinda work the same.

  • Hi Brian, I was wondering if there is a live chat/whiteboard associated with CCAS where it's like a virtual sketch club where artists can share their desktops and draw and learn from each other. I just joined 

  • Thanks, that's really encouraging!

  • Thanks for the reception Brien, I am Looking forward to work and fellowship with like mined people who have a heart for God and without compromise.


  • Thank you, Brien for your response and kind words. I will check out the guidelines to see where I fit. ;). I'll take you up on the once over twice of my work, please contact me at my email and I'll sent stuff off to you.

    In his name,


  • Thank you for welcoming me to the site! I am SO excited about joining, and about being a part of this ministry.

  • Thank you Brien, for your support and your site! I am working on a trilogy of "books" that are aimed to a teen+ audience. (Think summer blockbuster based upon Revelation.) I don't use harsh language unless it comes from the villains, and then it is not out of the ordinary or graphic. (I would like you to look at it to see if it is something I can share here.) My story line is basically this: Lucifer has read the bible and doesn't like that he loses. Seeing how Heaven starts the revelation of St. John, Lucifer believes that if he can start it before Heaven is ready, he could win. His tool is a Nephalim, the progeny of a human and an angel, who carries the power of Jesus (Being of God and Man)-altho' on a much lesser scale- and can open one of the seals that brings about the end times. I have the first 7 issues of a 21 issue series (7 issues is a graphic novel.), would you be interested in seeing it? I thank you for your time and consideration.

    In his name,


  • Thanks Brien, glad to be here! I've e-mailed Ralph and would like to also say to you that any and all advice on putting together a Christian table for a comic con is welcome! Thanks
  • 3884702540?profile=original

    It's not my Legal Name persay.... My Ghostwriter Name or Author Name is Saint Laugh-A-Lot .... LOL Stands for Love Of Laughter...I am just a Saint who is called to distribute giggles here on earth. LOL Yeah we are all prisoners at some point aren't we? Whether mentally, spiritually, or physically. I have a lot of gangster brother was a prisoner and it definitely lightened his load a bit while he was there.  I want to hopefully distribute it to prison chaplins pretty soon here : ) My real name is Valencia Rabanal...but you can't find any books by a girl with that name LOL If it's an issue plz let me know : )  God Bless You : ) Glad to have found this site : ) Here are some of the Gangsta ones....Enjoy : )

  • Hey Thanks so much for checking my stuff out and welcoming me to the site!!!

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