Greeters needed at the CCAS sites

Needed at CCAS website: Greeters!

     About twelve(?) years ago, I took it upon myself (the Lord appointed me) to become a greeter at CCAS. Much like a greeter at the door of a Church, I was a regular first contact for newbies, answer questions, spot problems (and on rare occasion problematic people). I have been cheered by every one of you that has acted in this capacity at the CCAS site as inspired by our Lord’s gracious spirit;  I am only asking for several CCAS followers to step up slightly and make checking on the website a spiritual obligation rather than a whim.

   As a greeter you get no T-shirt or official hat pin, thankfully you never have an official burden to ‘speak for CCAS;’ that is handled by others, some of who you can see on some of the webcasts and Livestreams that CCAS puts out (Welcome - Christian Comic Arts Society).  Basically the CCAS site is a warm and welcoming structure that needs some warm and dutiful someones to regular check on newcomers and those with questions; I have been less present lately and can no longer fulfill this function.

 Greeters are the first to spot and report possible spammers and cons (our responsive and competent web-wizards will evaluate and handle the person after a member speaks up (Report an Issue - CCAS - Christian Comic Arts Society) but the most wonderful duty is on the Activity section: when you see the words “________ is a new member. Welcome them!” …you welcome them, and I regularly see one or two fans doing this (God bless you). Please we need a few more Greeters at the CCAS site.

 You can quickly do a Google search for ‘Christian Comics websites’ and realize as I did 12years ago; CCAS is an absolutely unique meeting place and gallery for amateurs and pros** in the field of Christian Comics. CCAS and its associated Facebook site(  Christian Comic Arts Society | Groups | Facebook), its ministry booths at major Comicons fulfill ministry being done by no one else in the world that I know of.  Assisting the CCAS gives you the chance to be part of something really, really great.

**variant organizations/ministries that you could explore: Home | COMIX35 NEXT GEN is closely linked to Roy Butler’s school and ministry. Deviant Art(DeviantArt - The Largest Online Art Gallery and Community) is a massive comic art gallery with Christian groups that functions in a similar capacity (meeting place, market place social platform), but you are regularly exposed to non-Christian and questionable content.

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  • Hi, I would be interested in helping as a “greeter”.
    • Hi John,
      I checked out your website, profile and hair color, and think you would be great fit for this very unofficial position. Congrats from both myself and the Holy Spirit, who I think cares deeply about this CCAS site.
      The reason I am making this transfer so officious, is that I want one-two-or-three members to be checking on this site about every 2 or 3 days, and do it as a duty rather than on a whim.
      I've outlined the duties in my preceding communication, and thank you for being willing to help.
      If you have any questions or just want to chat, my email is: ; and deeper questions can be sent to our very responsive web-wizards at
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