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  • Hey! I need an artist for a story I've been working on. It would be a watercolor of a garden path with field stones. Anybody interested?
  • Hello, I am new here, and was wondering if any writers need an artist for their projects? I've really been wanting to start a new project (I somehow have none atm, lol) but I haven't been able to write anything coherent, despite my best efforts. I'm still pretty new to comics, though I've competed in two tournaments which had me completing comics within 2 weeks for the one, and 4 weeks for the second, so I am used to deadlines. My portfolio is here: And if you would like to pitch me a project, I believe there is a DMs feature on this forum.
    Roselot's Portfolio - October 2021 to June 2022
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  • GLORY TO GOD!!! I started my first Kickstarter campaign. Please follow and support my goals to travel to comic book conventions nationwide.
  • Hello! I see some people looking for artists for their projects. I'm a freelance digital artist with some comic book experience under my belt but I can only work on short stories or short projects. If you'd like to take a look at my portfolio please visit my website: I can work in a variety of styles and can also do animation. As far as comic style illustrations goes, you'll find more of those in the Twitch Artwork section.
    Portfolio — Miranda_Artz
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    Hey guys! The Faithful Creative show, the podcast about the Intersection of Faith and Creativity is finally live! 
    Spread the word & I would appreciate any feedback!

    FC 1: Introducing The Faithful Creative Podcast!
    In this introduction to the Faithful Creative podcast we take a look at what to expect in future episodes and discuss some of the challenges and ques…
  • God bless you all. I have experience publishing in the Google Play platform. I would like to team up with someone who's got a great message of faith to turn it as a short graphical novel into the android platform. I got the software and the android licence. All that's left is to find a story that exhalts the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Hi brothers and sisters. I am writing from Turkey. We publish a children magazine and use this wonderful tool to share gospel amoung muslim kids. In these days we are redesigning our magazine and changing the content. This year we will focus 6 days of creation and first issue will be about God Created Light. I wonder do you have or your friends any christian comics about light? We have two pages for it! Thank you very much for your help! 

  • Hi guys! I'm looking for somebody to help me with the layouts and penciling of my comic-book. I'm writing a superhero\ action-adventure\ supernatural type of comic-book, and if anyone's interested in helping me in that area, it would be great! Although, I would like to see an art portfolio, which they could send to me through email. My email should be on my wall. See ya!


  • "Hey CCASf am...Great News!!!! My first issue of my comic book. "The Whole Armor" is on Amazon for digital download on Kindle...if you don't have a problem download the Kindle app and download the comic there...for a limited time its only 99 cents,so make sure to give me a 5 star review...thanks all."

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Revelation Ch 9

Hi, everybody!I have been considering Revelation ch. 9 and the beast described there: Men with the faces of lions, stingers, etc. I got to thinking of them as men in some sort of combat suit. Has anybody here ever done an illustration based on that verse?

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Model for a gal friday/girlfriend

Hey, everybody.I'm hoping you can give me some input. I need a model for my hero's love interest for my illustrator to reference. I see her as a cheerleader type: blond, blue-eyed, healthy figure. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks and God Bless You. 

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How do you stay with it?

Hi, I'm pretty new to this site, so forgive me if I do or say anything wrong. I'm an artist (I mostly paint) and I really want to make a comic of my own, and I have tons of ideas. However, in the past, it seemed like when I got inspired to make something, I would burn out and get bored of it before I even finished the first chapter. How do you stay inspired to stick with it?

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