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  • Joining up...

    Anybody got anything going for Free Comic Book Day?

  • Im new. Since 1999, Off and on I used my art & writings to evangelize. I used to hand them out in outreaches, colleges, & in the inner city.
    If any of my fellow believers has an outreach or event inform me OR Call 7578319936 or 7575756033 to
    1. Buy 1 & get 1 Free copy of my book of Art & writings, "Love Inspiration War".
    2. Buy 5 or more copies for 20% less; FREE SHIPPING.
  • I'm surprised this forum isn't more active. This is a great topic. I wish I had paid more attention to this forum. Evangelism is pretty much my total focus as an artist. As a necessity,I do caricatures. Well, not totally out of a necessity. I really do enjoy it; but my heart and soul wants to do more evangelism with my art. My stomach wants to eat and my soul loves God. Such a quagmire.

    Anyway, I've been doing gospel tracts like this one

    The Basketball Player

    but the limitation of the 1-4 panel format was too constricting. I pan to continue making gospel tracts. They are great for when you don't have time for a lengthy conversation, but the graphic novel format is really what I like. I'm working on one, and who knows when I will have it done. con

  • Hello Brothers & Sisters


  • Hi guys! I have made a Christian Comic, does anyone would like to read it and review it? Here it is:

    You guys are awesome. To God be the Glory!!

    My Comic - 1J3:1
    See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not k…
  • Hi Everybody, I am new here. I don't know or haven't got an idea yet for starting an evengelism comic. Do you guys have any Idea ...... ? Can we make an evengelism comic based on an fiction story ?
  • I started up an evangelism comic... akin to the the 3 to 5 panel peanuts design. I have no characters designed, no costumes designed, so everything is extremely rough... figuring design will come as comics are created. Is this a good idea? And how do you make a funny comic with ooomph behind it? Double meaning?
  • Hi Allen, welcome to the group. I'll be honest that its been a while since I've posted anything here. Seems a little quiet, doesn't it? Perhaps one of you have a testimony to share that has happened to you, or you've been a part of during the past year? Myself, I've continued to be busy with church, work, and various freelance projects. I'm excited to say that my talents continue to progress and be put to use. But also, I've had the blessing of continuing in a nursing home ministry. Over the past year, a friend and I have developed some wonderful friendships with people here. There are some who enjoy the encouragement, and others who need prayer as they really need Christ in their lives. Amazingly, no matter what age you are, there's plenty of excuses why one might choose not to have Jesus as a part of their lives. But, I also need to work on being more of a Christian witness at work, as this can be a real challenge. Any thoughts or comments?
  • Hey everybody. I'm always interested in finding new ways to share the message of Christ with others. I went to my first Comicon back in April (NY) and was amazed to see over 5000 people there. I had a great time with my friend Demetrius Veasy, who was premiering his comic Lions 12. I've always had a heart to reach others who love comics like I do.

    Anyway, when you get a chance can you read these two posts I wrote on my site and provide some feedback? I'm think they're great pieces and I'm trying to get some discussion going while raising my page ranking. Also feel free to forward the posts to others. Thanks.
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As ambassadors for Christ, consider how Jesus encouraged those around him. This can be an extremely powerful tool (ability?) for the Christian to use in interacting with other Christians and the unsaved.Encouragement covers everything from giving a positive comment to someone, to spending quality time with people, to being constructive in helping someone. Encouragement often entails sacrificing of time, as when one opens their eyes to the needs of people around them, the awareness of people…

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Been a while

I see we have a couple new members. Welcome! Feel free to share what God is doing in your life, or ways you would like to be held accountable. Possibly in being more evangelistic minded, or serving more?Myself, the winter doldrums has gotten to me a little and I phased out a bit. But, I've got a guy at church who encourages me when I run into him. He and I have planned a time to go out next week for door to door evangelism. As always, I feel that in order for this to be effective and for God to…

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Prayer Requests

Hi all, I'd like to encourage the other members of this group to go out and read John Burgin's post on his main page about working with kids in the inner city. This is powerful stuff. In saying that, please let each of us know how we can pray for you or encourage you. You don't need to be specific if you don't feel comfortable, but just let us know if you've got an upcoming trial or tough situation.So, I'll start with my prayer request. I'd like to make sure I can be a good witness wherever I…

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How is Christ working through you?

Okay, didn't want to pull the sunday school routine, but I think it is essential that Christians be out sharing the hope and truth of Christ with their non-christian friends, family, or the person on the street. Each of us have many blessings that God has given us. Such as a writing ability, art ability, being able to think outside the box, or be a leader. We also have been blessed with a church to go to, and a nation where we can worship without being thrown in jail.On the flip side, I'm often…

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