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  • Looks like I am the only person commenting in the evangelism forum. I did have a galatianman evangelism booth at the local Count-I-con comic convention in October 2017. I made some new evangelism tracts for the con. They went over well. I posted them back in Oct. for commentary. If you are interested in seeing it drop me a note.

  • Had a great time at the Lake County Fair sharing the Gospel and debunking the myth of Darwinism. I did an evangelism booth from 2004-2010 that was more Gospel oriented. The MCF booth is geared towards creation science and it was more difficult to get into the Gospel after spending time discussing science. Each person who does stop will only give up so much time.

  • Going to the Lake County Fair in northern IL in10 minutes to witness for Jesus @ the Midwest Creation Fellowship booth. Be there until closing time. Pray for divine appointments.

  • Like I posted previously I am an EE trainer. However, one must be welcome in a church that wants to do evangelism, or as D.J. Kennedy would call them "healthy churches". Although there are literally hundreds of churches around my area none of them are interested in evangelism. They have all fallen for the "relationship" tagline. Nothing wrong with that necessarily, but not as effective as making disciples through something like EE.

  • Currently working on a Galatianman gospel tract. I have a lot of tracts. Some I get from Living Waters> I have some I designed years ago for my local Southern Baptist Association. I like those, but the local SBC churches not that interested in evangelism at the moment. I still hand them out.

  • That's pretty awesome Lance Rengel! I'd be interested in learning more about evangelism explosion, as well as the other illustration work you do. Additionally, if you're ever interested in an online interview for my site at, please let me know! I think readers would be interested in knowing more about what you do :)

  • My main character, Art Newvo, in is an evangelist. He has his 2 question marks on his shirt. Those are from Evangelism Explosion (EE). I have been a certified teacher trainer in EE since 1996.

  • I don't know how active this group is, but evangelism is something I think all Christian artists can do through a variety of ways - some overt, maybe some very subtle! If you'd like to check out my site Axiom Illustration, I'm working on not only sharing art - but talking about Christianity and art, evangelism, and interviews with other great Christian Artists.

    What are some different ways you think Christians can be involved in their local communities, sharing His Truth?

    Axiom: That which is self-evidently true. This site is intended as a creative hub for my christian-themed cartoons, illustrations, graphics (which ca…
  • World wide shelf space for a monthly publication of comic evangelism is coming.  More info coming soon!  This is Red Sea parting stuff y'all.

  • Welcome to all those who joined recently! Looking forward to getting to know all of you and working together on something awesome!

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As ambassadors for Christ, consider how Jesus encouraged those around him. This can be an extremely powerful tool (ability?) for the Christian to use in interacting with other Christians and the unsaved.Encouragement covers everything from giving a positive comment to someone, to spending quality time with people, to being constructive in helping someone. Encouragement often entails sacrificing of time, as when one opens their eyes to the needs of people around them, the awareness of people…

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Been a while

I see we have a couple new members. Welcome! Feel free to share what God is doing in your life, or ways you would like to be held accountable. Possibly in being more evangelistic minded, or serving more?Myself, the winter doldrums has gotten to me a little and I phased out a bit. But, I've got a guy at church who encourages me when I run into him. He and I have planned a time to go out next week for door to door evangelism. As always, I feel that in order for this to be effective and for God to…

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Prayer Requests

Hi all, I'd like to encourage the other members of this group to go out and read John Burgin's post on his main page about working with kids in the inner city. This is powerful stuff. In saying that, please let each of us know how we can pray for you or encourage you. You don't need to be specific if you don't feel comfortable, but just let us know if you've got an upcoming trial or tough situation.So, I'll start with my prayer request. I'd like to make sure I can be a good witness wherever I…

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How is Christ working through you?

Okay, didn't want to pull the sunday school routine, but I think it is essential that Christians be out sharing the hope and truth of Christ with their non-christian friends, family, or the person on the street. Each of us have many blessings that God has given us. Such as a writing ability, art ability, being able to think outside the box, or be a leader. We also have been blessed with a church to go to, and a nation where we can worship without being thrown in jail.On the flip side, I'm often…

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