How is Christ working through you?

Okay, didn't want to pull the sunday school routine, but I think it is essential that Christians be out sharing the hope and truth of Christ with their non-christian friends, family, or the person on the street. Each of us have many blessings that God has given us. Such as a writing ability, art ability, being able to think outside the box, or be a leader. We also have been blessed with a church to go to, and a nation where we can worship without being thrown in jail.On the flip side, I'm often pretty good at making excuses of why I shouldn't do this or that for God's kingdom - mostly I feel I'm too busy, or too tired. Or I'm afraid. But here lately I've felt that through fellowship and encouragement of other believers, I've been more bold in sharing my faith with others. I've still got a lot of work to do in being an effective witness. But, I've used my talent to create some witnessing brochures ( that I feel are more personal and hopefully eye-catching. I've also been blessed to go out and do door to door, as well as attempting to get a nursing home ministry started. How about you guys? How is God using you?

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  • Just as an update - looks like the nursing home ministry is a "GO". I've got another guy and his family interested in helping out. I stopped by the place the other night and was touched by the people there. I couldn't stay long, but lot's of age range from late 30's to elderly. You wonder how a younger person could be so alone in the world that there are no family or friends to help, and they have to rely on a care facility to help provide their needs. Also, the activity director noted how few people come in to hang-out or be a friend to the people there. We're so busy as a culture (I deceive myself too!) that we think we have no time for these things. But the stuff we're doing is temporary and not of eternal value.

    Also, working on a humorous Christian cartoon piece that I'll share when it's finished. The goal is to address Christians today as compared to the Christian of the early church.
  • I know what you mean when you say you are pretty good at making excuses. I may be the king of excuses, but I believe that God has given me the spiritual gift of evangelism. I know that because I am always feeling that tug on my life to share my faith with people around me. I ignored that tug for a long time, always walking away from the opportunities God gave me out of fear and anxiety. I finally gave in to God's will for my life and began to do what he created me to do, which is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost world around me. What is crazy is that the more times I shared my faith the more opportunities came for me to share it. I thought maybe it would be one and done, but it isn't.

    I hope that you will pray for me and I will pray for each of you to be bold and share Jesus in faith every opportunity that you get. I believe now more than ever before is the time to get busy evangelizing because I believe Jesus is coming again and like we were always taught it could be today!

    Praise the Almighty savior Jesus Christ
    • You know, thanks for posting - it's always encouraging to hear about other trials that christians face. Kind of helps to share in those sometimes, and look to Christ as a community of believers. It's amazing when you open your eyes to the extreme need that's out there. Some people may be ignoring the need, while others willingly accept that they need something, but don't know what. At times it can be a little over-whelming as there is an entire world out there, but not a lot of SERIOUS christians who are ready to be the salt and light.
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