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Hi all, I'd like to encourage the other members of this group to go out and read John Burgin's post on his main page about working with kids in the inner city. This is powerful stuff. In saying that, please let each of us know how we can pray for you or encourage you. You don't need to be specific if you don't feel comfortable, but just let us know if you've got an upcoming trial or tough situation.So, I'll start with my prayer request. I'd like to make sure I can be a good witness wherever I go (like at work especially!). The world can really pull at you sometimes, and it can be tough to stay focused on Christ. Especially being creative types, we can try to get unhealthy inspirations or find ourselves in bad places we shouldn't be.

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  • Let's all try to pray for Scott Shuford as he begins helping out with things here at Christian Comic Art. I know it can be tough to balance work, personal time, family time, church time, and hobbies. Perhaps Scott (and the other board members) can help encourage each of us to become more utilized by God, and possibly collaboration on a ministry oriented project!
  • Thanks to anyone who has been praying for my work attitude. I feel that things have been going better and I've established some meaningful relationships just in the past few weeks. I've also had some co-workers share some things going on with their lives that I was able to encourage and pray about.I'd like continued prayer for these relationship, and also for ways that I can better talk to God and be a servant that is in tune with what his Father wishes. I'd like to be closer to God - do I take the time to stop and listen in the quiet ways He may speak to me through His word or daily interactions? Am I really focused on what He may be telling me to do? Or do I let my own agenda and desires get in the way of this? Too often I worry that I think about me too much and don't spend enough time listening.
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