Play an instrument? Program your own websites? Animate your own cartoons? From Filmmaking to Wielding or even Interior Design; If you have more than one talent, then talk and discuss them here!

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  • Hi! My husband and I are looking into starting a Christian children's Roku station as a ministry outreach, so looking for anyone who'd like to contribute their videos. We had a show on a Christian network, and sadly, it was scrapped due to management issues so we found ourselves sitting on tons of art and stories. So, we learned a bit of video editing and started making some simple storybook videos. We also have some live action stuff, so we'll get started with that and def want to connect with others who like leading little ones to the Lord!

  • Writer, artist, mom, and household innovator here :) I'm teaching myself how to create my own graphic narrative and, as it's a bit of an odd thing to pursue in my area, I'm looking forward to getting involved in the community here.
  • Greeting & Doxology!
    Please, members of ('Renaissance People's), once you have a
    moment, drop in on ('Visual Artists')...refer to my post, therein.
    I'm very new name is, Maurice Isaac Gardner.
    The talents that God has granted me (that I'm aware of),
    include, visual & audio...sound & vision! Cartoon character designer,
    creative writing, painting, original musical compositions.
    With these, room has been made clear, ELECTRO-SOUL...
    Glory to our King!
  • I'm also a Muppeteer. See:

  • Hi Everyone. It's been quite a long while I've been off CCAS. I am an architect, who writes for comics, draw them, color them. I am also a filmmaker who writes, lights, directs, acts and edits his own movies (will post some on the web soon). I create and animate too using Cinema4d most especially (Maya is a bit in the background for now for me, more used to C4D). I do a lot many other things. But they will unfold here as time goes on.

    Happy to be here.

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I am a full-time minister with two churches. How many of you are either full-time or part-time clergy? Were you into comics before hand, or did it come with your calling?

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I dream in code. I believe when God created the universe He had a voice controlled MAC to do all the work. :D So Are there any other programmers out here? I design and program websites (mainly written in C#), but have touched php, asp, vb. I do enjoy writing computer programs. So how do we start a discussion? No I think both MAC and PC's are great (I have both) and run XP pro on my MacBook Pro to program. I do enjoy discussing programming architecture and design. So lets ask questions. Shout…

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