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  • HI Ralph,
    Thank you for your kind comments yesterday...they were very encouraging.
    Quite "by accident" I found this site and this is the first time I have been involved in something like this.
    It's been almost a year now since I have had any illustration assignments. I have been working in construction, and anything else I could do to get the bills paid, but am really feeling the desire to get back into illustration again.
    In this time, the Lord has been doing another work, within me...there was a lot of things that needed to change, so He kept me from getting distracted. And I am grateful for that. It has drawn me closer to Him and to His ways and His truth.
    I am hopeful that in this venue, through any possible connections made, He may lead me to doing as He wills...some assignments that are of His choosing. It is my greatest desire to serve Him and His Kingdom, using the talent He has blessed me with.
    The last twenty years in this "industry" has been a rough one at times. Times of feast and times of famine...hasn't always been easy. And I think now that one of my greatest problems, as I have come to realize, is that I was doing it mostly for the sake of my glory...not His. So, I think He needed to deal with me on that. I have now come to where I am no longer interested in "my glory" or in attaining the things of the world. Now that He has shown me the truth of all that, I find they have fallen away.
    I just want to serve Him and be a part of advancing the Gospel.
    So...I lift this talent up to Him...His will be done.

    Again, thank you for your encouraging words and for welcoming me to this association.
    May God also bless you richly!

    Ken Save
  • Ok will do.
    God Bless,
  • Hey Ralph, Thank you So much for introducing me to this website! Hopefully I'll find somebody who can mentor me both spiritually and artistically! I look forward to meeting new people and getting some feedback on my artwork.
  • Thank you Ralph! It was great seeing you again!
    I want to talk to you again. Also is it too late to join the CCAS sketchbook?
    I would like to join it how would I get in it?

  • I don't at this moment... I'm not that great of a story teller... I lean toward more to cover art... I will though get into sequential art
  • Hey Ralph,
    It was great meetin you at Wondercon! I wish we could have spent more time talking during the con. You truly have a heart for people and a sweet spirit. I hope you enjoyed the Spirit Knight series and your mug and t-shirt...we'd love to have our issues at the CCAS table at Comic-Con!
  • Thank you for your generous welcome My Brother. I am sure that I will greatly
    enjoy CCAS, as well as your fellowship.
  • Great, I'm looking forward to hearing about it!
  • Hey Ralph, how did it go at Wondercon? Can you give us an overview?

  • aww, thank you for the kind comment. God bless you, too!
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