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During the Chicago Comic con last weekend I was doing some fundraising for the Aurora Rises event...benefiting the families of the shooting victims (see: by selling copies of a signed print I had created.
In addition to this, I had as many national known artists and celebrities as I ran across sign my display poster of the image (see below). Now we're auctioning that for Aurora Rises. Here the details:
The Poster version of the Batman-Tribute print, which we had 18 other artists and celebrities sign at Last week's Chicago Comic-Con, Including...
Stan Lee, Humberto Ramos, George Pérez, Sean Patrick Flannery, Brian Pulido, Diosdado Mondero, David Mack, Jeff Balke, Arthur Suydam, James O'Barr, Terry Huddleston, Michel Golden, Lou Ferrigno, Billy Tucci,David Della Rocco, Greg Horn and Robert James Luedke (the illustrator)... now live on EBAY and ready for your bid.


All net proceeds from this auction go to the Aurora Rise: Benefit Event, which is being held Aug. 25th-26th at All C's Collectiblesin Aurora, CO.
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I Might be Adapting Electric Angel to GN

My good friend and acclaimed horror writer, Author Sue Dent,( I lovingly call "The Queen of the Chiristan Undead"... has started an online campaign to fund my adaptation of her wonderful novella, Electric Angel, into a graphic novel.

So if you have a hankerin' to see me dive back into GN and sequential artwork, take a visit and do what you can to help make this a reality in 2013:


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You are cordially invited to join some of the most dynamic artists/creators in the comic industry, as we get together at this year's Dallas Comic Con, ( for a evening dedicated to raising money to support the Wounded Warrior Project (

The WWP's purpose is to....Raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members; to help injured service members aid and assist each other;' and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members. This is a wonderful cause that supports those who have put it all on the line for their country and after hearing about the wonderful work they do, I just had to get involved!

The Live art & auction event will be held Saturday night of the Dallas Comic Con and take place in the Lobby of the ALoft hotel, (which is right across the freeway from the Irving Convention Center @ the O'Conner Intersection) starting at 8pm and running to about 12 midnight.
There will be a host of local and nationally known artists creating original works of art right on the spot, which will be auctioned off along side other works of art (and collectibles) that are donated by artists who could not be in attendance...all at the conclusion of the evening.

If you're a fan...than come on out and hob-knob with your favorite creators, enjoy some food and drink (cash bar will be available) and purchase a one-of-a-kind work of art!

If you're a creator/artist and would like to participate by either donating an original piece of art, or being one of our live artists...then contact either myself (@ ) or my co-organizer Tammy Earehart (@  Already committed are:  Norm Breyfolge, Bob McCloud, Dirk Strangely, Billy Tucci, Arthur Suyham among others.

And also, if you're a vet that would like to volunteer to help run this event (or man a booth we'll have on the DCC show floor) than also touch base with me.

The event is open to all...even if you're not an attendee of the share this with any of your friends in north Texas, who love to collect original art or would just like to support the WWP!

Here's our dedicated facebook page:
Like it....

Hope to see some of my CCAS friends there, as we not only fly our freak flags but do something for those who have sacrificed all for our country!

RJ Luedke &

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It was revealed today that the courts have supported Marvel's denial any sort of creator rights or compensation to Gary Friedrich (who created the character for Marvel back in 1972).

But in addition, the courts also ruled in Marvel/Disney's favor in their counter-suite to get back money earned by Friedrich over the years promoting his creation at conventions and selling pictures, prints and artwork of the character to the tune of $17,000! Read about the whole situation and rulings, at:
For those of you who know or have met Gary, this borders on the absurd, since he has very little to begin with and selling these items over the years at conventions that welcomed him as a guest, helped him financially stay afloat. It also once again demonstrates Marvel's corporate pettiness and traditional disregard for the creators who helped establish them as an industry leader and corporate Juggernaut.
As an indy creator this really gets me mad and I think the only way I (and other like-minded comic creators and comic lovers) can voice our displeasure and make it something tangible to both Marvel and to boycott the ironically premiering Ghost Rider 2 movie, which opens next Friday (here in the USA) at 12:01Am!
Our Mission statement:
"We will not help Marvel earn any further money on the Ghost Rider property by boycotting the new Ghost Rider Movie and by boycotting the purchase of ANY new Ghostrider comics...until Marvel/Disney, (at the very least), announces publicly that they will immediately renounce the judgement rendered in their favor, which stipulates that Gary Friedrich (The writer who created the character in 1972 for Marvel) must pay them $17,000 and additionally, that they immediately begin a dialog with Friedrich, ( that short of granting him ownership rights to the character or royalties from the properties), at least grants him a creators credit and ability to earn independently from the character."
I ask that you join me in this and DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE or BUY ANY GHOST RIDER COMICS ...and make sure to let your locate theaters and comic shops know why you are doing this! Think about some of the things that the power of FB has made come to pass over the past year...overthrowing entire governments for gosh sakes!! WE CAN DO THIS TO SUPPORT A BROTHER CREATOR in dire need!
And also, please share this with as many people as you can here on Facebook, on Twitter, on other networking sites, on your personal blogs and even by sending press releases to media of all sizes in your sphere's of influence! Let's take this thing viral my brother and sisters lovers of comics!
And FYI....for you friends in other countries....and I know you're out there, this applies to you also. Just time it (and market it) whenever the movies scheduled to open in your country!

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Eye Witness Now Available on Amazon Kindle Fire!

Just got word that my Eye Witness series is now available to readers on the New Amazon Digial Fire reader, as well as Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet...both through the Graphicly app on my website.


The versions of EW on Graphicly, contain previously unpublished artwork and your's truly...and are exclusive to that app!  Check it out.

RJ Luedke


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Hey gang,


Just wanted to let you know that we are continuing to strive to make Eye Witness available through new and exciting ways and impact more readers.




The series in now available on the Graphicly website...which basically means, that it is available for virtually any type of electronic device you could have, from your PC, to your iPad, android etc....


This is the first digital provider to really step up and offer the ENTIRE EYE WITNESS SERIES, but better yet, they are offering some exclusive, never before seen "making of" materials for each of the 4 books in the series which I created just for their customers!   And best yet, customers can download a FREE preview of each of the books!


Check 'em out and let me know how their system treats you, at:


RJ Luedke

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Head Press Publishing received notification today that the fourth book in our Eye Witness series, Unknown God, has been named a finalist for the 2010 Fore Word Reviews, Book of the Year Awards!According to ForeWord, "The finalists were drawn from more than 350 publishers and were selected from 1400 entries in 56 categories. These books are examples of independent publishing at its finest."Eye Witness: Unknown God is a finalist for the 2010 Awards in the graphic novel category. "Given the quality of the titles and creators also named in this year's finals, I'm quite honored," stated author/illustrator Robert Luedke. Here is a list of the finalists:■Beasts of Burden by Evan Dorkin■Binky to the Rescue by Ashley Spires■Blacksad by Juan Daz Canales■Book of Hours by George A Walker■Days Missing Vol. 1 by Ian Edginton, Phil Hester, David Hine and Matz■Eye Witness by Robert James Luedke■Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 2 by Tom Siddell■Return of the Dapper Men by Jim McCann■Tumor by Joshua Hale Fialkov■Wanderlust by Megan SpeersEye Witness: Unknown God, is the final book in the Eye Witness tetraology and it features a unique and fast paced combination of a modern-day action thriller with an adaptation of the Biblical book of Acts. Since it's premier in 2004, Luedke's Eye Witness series has garnered four indy book awards and been named a finalist in four others.ForeWord Reviews' Book of the Year Awards program was established to help publishers shine an additional spotlight on their best titles and bring increased attention to librarians and booksellers of the literary and graphic achievements of independent publishers and their authors. ForeWord is the only review trade journal devoted exclusively to books from independent houses.Winners will be determined by a panel of librarians and booksellers selected from the ForeWord readership. Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners, as well as Editor’s Choice Prizes for Fiction and Nonfiction will be announced at a special program at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans this June. The ceremony is open to all ALA attendees and exhibiting publishers.
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Has it been 7 months already?

Hey Gang:

After this last weekend, The Unknown God tour is ...GONG...officially over! (deep sigh of relief) 7 months and over 22,000 miles driven.

I wanted to personally thank all of those at CCAS who showed up at events I did from coast to coast to purchase Eye Witness, lend your support or just stopped by to say hi so I could put a face with your icon.

It's been a wonderful and wild 2010 and I couldn't achieved everything I set out to do without the support of many of you. Thank for all from the bottom of my heart.

And for those of you I've yet to meet in person...who knows what the future has in store for me and my future travels. Hopefully the doors of opportunity will soon open for me to share Eye Witness with my friends in other countries in 2011 and beyond, as well?!

All the best to you and yours this Holiest of Seaons!

R.J. Luedke

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Moving Forward into the Digital Age....

Hey gang, for all of you out there who's felt left out, because you've never had access to copies of Eye Witness in your town, state or country...there's some good news!

Both Eye Witness books 1 (revised) & (for the first time) 2 are now available as digtal PDF downloads at DriveThruComics...with book 1 part 1 absolutely FREE!!! Check it out:
...and coming soon, Eye Witness for the Android, but SHHHHHH....that's a secret!

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New York Comic Con Report

Day One:

Whew...the day is finally over! Lots of people at this event and lots of exhibitors you won't see this side of San Diego.

The section of the con where I'm at (the Small Press area, next to the artist's alley area which is sequestered away from the main exhibit area by some building construction) had a pretty steady flow of people, but I got reports that the main exhibit hall was a mad house....where people could barely walk the isles.

A comment I got more than once today, was that people were pleasantly surprised to see my booth, because they had NEVER seen a publisher or artist displaying Christian based comics at a convention in NY! That really surprised me. But low and behold, there were some more "brother creators" right down the isle from me. They publish under the banner of DW! and they were there premiering the first issue of their new urban themed comic, BATTLE MASTERZ...which combines Hip-Hop sensabilities, martial arts with an underlying Christian theme. The book is written by a trio of brothers and their mother was there helping out and giving them support.

But despite the fact that many steered clear of my booth today (kind of what I experienced the when I premiered EW book 1 at San Diego back in 2004), sales were still brisk.

But from what I hear they've sold out tickets for Sat, so I'm hoping for even better results tomorrow.

I was by myself today, so I can't really report on the rest of the hall, but my wife (for the first time this year) and my daughter will be joining me I'll get out from behind the table and get some pics.


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Overview: Chicago Comic Con

Hey gang, just wanted to share my thoughts and some pics from this year's Chicago Comic Con.

I had not did this event, (which has previously been known as Wizard World Chicago), since 2006 when I had released Acts of the Spirit. That year I was quite disappointed with the event, my sales and the lack of foot traffic...which probably explains why I stayed away so long.

But this year's show was quite a different experience for me. There was significant foot traffic in the artist's alley area all 3 and 1/2 days of the event and Saturday's crowds reminded me of a day at Comic Con International (in San Diego) with isles so filled with people it was difficult just to try to move through the hall.

Back in 2006, it seemed that the crowd was very indifferent to Eye Witness, which I determined by the few number of people that actually stopped to ask about it or grabbed a free poster. While during this year's show, it seemed many more people were interested in finding out just what the heck it was about, stopped to hear my pitch and gobbled up the free Unknown God Posters as fast as I could autograph them. And of course, when more people stop to take a look, that usually means more will purchase.

There were a number of "brother creators" in the house this year also, which gave me an opportunity to refer people I knew were in search of comics and GN's with Christian or spiritual content, to their tables. There was Dr. "Solo" Perry of Honors Studios, with his War in Paradise comic...which. if you haven't seen it, is a beautifully rendered story of Angels and Demons which is reminiscent of the widely popular Archangels comics of the '90's. Got a chance to briefly meet Marc Moran, who shared with me his massive Conqueror and Conqueris graphic novel...can't wait to give it a read. I also got a chance to touch base briefly with the gang over at Kingdom Comics...who had a whole table of different faith based comic offerings. Also a big shout out to Martin Oakly and George Macas, who were also in attendence selling (literally) tons of comics they had just purchased!

As with most major conventions this one was loaded with people in costumes. There was the requisite Joker in the Nurses uniform and Captain Jack Sparrow, groups of characters from the World of Batman and X-Men, as well as two guys who created home-made Iron Man and War Machine armors, that I would have sworn was the product of Marvel studios. But this was the only one I felt compelled to run out and get a picture of.

This young girl was the perfect Hit-Girl!

As with any of the Wizard promoted events this one had a real nice assortment of celebrity, movie and TV guests. But the biggest surprise along those lines was an appearance on Saturday morning by the newly convicted ex-governor of IL, Rod Blagojevich. He was there to sign autographs, have your picture taken with him and in general attempt to start building his a new war chest for his upcoming retrial. Granted I did not leave my table to go see how many people actually gave this "character" their money, but when they announced his arrival most in the hall let out a thunderous boo!

But as this picture here shows, even pro. wrestlers enjoy the Eye Witness series! If you don't recognize him, this is the legendary, Raven, of the WWE, getting his copy of book one!

Overall this was a very fine show for me...the best outside of the Creation NW music amount of sales. Now I'm really looking forward to the next Wizard sponsored shows I'll be doing in the fall leg of the Unknown God tour, in Boston, Austin and Atlanta!

R.J. Luedke

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Christian Comic Creators Given Some Love

One of my favorite journalists, David Crumm, who for years has written about all things of a spiritual nature (with the Detroit Free Press) and well as covered the world of comic books, has just penned a very interesting piece about the emergeance of the Indy Christian Comic Creator on his website,

There's also a good supplemental story on the bad rap comic book creators have gotten through the years.


R.J. Luedke

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Cornerstone 2010 Summary

Cornerstone is now completed: Wow, that was the first outdoor show I've done in years. Forgot how much that can take out of you with the heat, dust and humidity! Like I had commented earlier in the week, I think this was the closest thing I've ever been a part of that's akin to Woodstock (but without the alcohol or drugs, of course).

Overall the crowds were consistent, (except for last day: Saturday...when many it seems were already starting home for the 4th, including the vendors) . Had a decent amount of sales but more imporantly exposed a huge number of people to Christian based graphic novels for the first time in their lives (you know, the old "I never knew anyone made comics/GN's like this"...kind of thing). It tells me, that as a genre of literature "we" (the editorial we) are not doing a good enough job in educating people that our products exist, for if "we" were more Christian youth (teen to twenty-somethings) would be aware of them. I certainly am not exempting myself from these comments, for I've been out there with Eye Witness since 2004, yet most in this gathering had never heard of the series before. But they sure have now!

I really think the CCAS brainthrust needs to consider doing a group booth at one of these types of events next year. I understand that places like CCI and Wondercon are our mission fields, but with a lot of our properties those who are already Christian can also enjoy them, purchase them and share them with their non-beliveing friends (which is a comment I heard a lot with people buying Eye Witness over the weekend). And with the amount of business I did over the weekend, I'm can say pretty authoritatively that a couple tables put together with all manner of comics, tracts and graphic novels would have went over real big at this show!

I want to thank Scott Shuford for stopping by my booth a couple times over the weekend, while he was enjoying the music and making the rounds!

A final point I want to share, is how refreshing this event was for me! Doing comic conventions can sometimes be a bit of a downer, as many people there will steer clear of your table when they see Christian or spiritual if we're going to yell out, "Repent, you sinner," at them like some street corner prophet. The people here, of all ages, were just so friendly. Even if they did not particularly like what I had to offer at my table they always had a smile on their face and were willing to engage in polite conversation. In fact, I got to hear some wonderful testitmonials over the weekend.

Living in Dallas (in the heart of the Bible Belt) it's sometimes kind of hard to realize the true diverse nature of Christians out there. And this show was a testiment to the fact that it does not matter how you look outwardly, how you dress, what kind of hair-do you sport, whether you have piercings-tats or other body art....the inner love of Jesus overcomes and binds us all!

As I drove away from the campsite on Saturday night for the final time, I felt both a joy (that I felt a bit closer to God through this experience) and a sorrow (that I had to leave this event and the people involved behind and go back to the real world).

But now I'm even more excited to my time at SonShine and Creation Northwest Festivals in July, 'cause I'll have my daughter with me, so I'll be able to mill about a bit more and see some of the bands and hear some of the speakers (which I was unable to do at Cornerstone).

I recommend this experience to you all!

R.J. Luedke

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Bob's Big East Coast (Washington) Adventure

I wanted to share a bit about what I've been doing between my convention stops at Heroes Convention and the Philadelphia Comic Con.

First of all I had an opportunity to get back on line, thanks to the generous offers from Best Buy and got a fairly decent Compaq laptop (which I believe in now a part of HP) for less than $400, after mine had burned out the first night on the road.

Then I've taken the four days between events to literally stop in each major city between Charlotte and Philly, to visit and leave book samples with as many comic shops as feasible (thank God for Google Maps....a few years back this kind of thing would have just been too labor intensive to put together)!

Being a former retailer myself, it's always a blast to see the very different characters of shops around the county and how different they can be right within the same well as how the store owners/mgr's greet and deal with people that walk into their stores. I'm happy to report that out of the 30 odd stores I visited, only one shop (and store owner) was rude to me and wouldn't even accept my book sample (he told me he doesn't sell anything over $10...and all the Eye Witness books were $13.99 SRP). Yeah right! But as a professional courtesy I won't name the store, but only let you know it's in Raleigh.

But on the other hand here's a list of stores I would definitely seek out, if I needed my comic and/or GN fix and found myself in one of these cities:

Chapel Hill Comics (Chapel Hill, NC)
SciFi Genre (Durham, NC)
EG Comics (Vienna, VA)
Nostalgia Plus (Richmond, VA)
Laughing Ogre (Fairfax, VA)
Heroes Aren't Hard to Find (Charlotte, NC)

One final note. During one of my two days in the Washington area, I decided to take one to do a bit of sightseeing, since I had never had the opportunity before in our nation's capital. Coming into the city I lucked into a parking place right along one of the main streets next to the Washington monument and better yet, it was free parking....score!

I went on my way to see the Wash. Mom't, toured the Smithsonian Natural history Museum and made myself walk the approximate 1 mile distance to the Lincoln Monum't. During that last hike I made a point of making sure all was well with my vehicle as I passed it and making sure there it was still where I left it. It was.

On my way back to my truck I noticed a lack of cars parked along the street I was parked on and became concerned. A brisk walk ended up becoming a jog, which turned into an outright sprint, when I saw several motorcycle cops along the block where I was parked and only a handful of cars still parked. Yikes!

I was in full panic mode as I was sure the spot where I left my truck was now vacant, but kept sprinting forward as I saw there was a blue vehicle up ahead (but it looked like a van). But I kept running forward just in case (rather than stop and talk to the cops) and to my relief it was my truck and the tow truck was lining it up to haul away next!!!! I ran up and told him in a breathless manner, "Dude, that's mine,"...and to my total surprise he just said, go ahead and take it!

I learned that where I was parked was legal parking, that is until 4:30 to 6pm...and at that moment it was 4:45pm. Wow...what a bullet I dodged. That would have put a serious black cloud over this trip if I would have just taken my time to get back to the spot. 5 minutes later and it would have been gone.

Today starts the Philly CC...more to come on that later.

R.J. Luedke
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Unknown God Tour, 2010

Here is a listing of my appearances in support of my upcoming release, Eye Witness: Unknown God.*

6/4-6 Heroes Convention/ Charlotte, NC

6/11-13 Philadelphia Comic Con/Philadelphia, PA

6/30-7/3 Cornerstone Music Festival/Bushnell, IL.

7/14-17 Sonshine Festival/Willmar, MN.

7/21-25 Creation Northwest/ Enumclaw, WA

8/19-22 Chicago Comic Con/ Chicago, IL

8/28-29 Dallas Comic Con/ DFW, TX

9/18-19 Project Comiccon/St. Louis, MO.

9/25-26 Nashville Comic Con/Nashville, TN

10/1-3 New England Comic Con/ Boston, MA

10/8-10 New York Comic Con/ NYC

10-29-31 Long Beach Comic Con/ Long Beach, CA

11/6-7 Mid-Ohio Con/ Columbus, OH

11/12-14 Austin Comic Con/ Austin, TX

12/3-5 Atlanta Comic Con/ Atlanta, GA

Hope to run into many of my CCAS friends this summer/fall!

* All events are subject to change and more will be added soon!

R.J. Luedke

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New Unknown God Poster Image Revealed

Here's the hot new image we'll be using for our Unknown God Tour promotional poster.

Based on my original cover design, painter supreme David Rodriguez created a very moody and desolate re-envisioning.

To get your copy, just hook up with me at one of my many comic convention appearances in 2010 and early

2011...which I'll be posting here soon!

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The Unknown God, Lives!

I know I haven't been doing a very good job of regularly posting here, but I had been working my tail off for months to get the fourth book in the Eye Witness series...Unknown God...finished and ready for press.

But I'm happy to announce that the book has basically been completed and we are now in the final stages of editing and proofing. So now I have a bit more time to share what we have coming up over the rest of 2010. First things first.


Unknown God is the final chapter of the Eye Witness series, which has been eight years in the making. People will ask me, "why has it taken so long between books (on average, 2 years)?" The answer is simple! Since I do most of the work involved in the books myself (writing, illustration, inking, coloring and production) there is no way I can rush the process on these books, that run from 96 to 120 pages each. The artwork for each book is what consumes about 14 months for each book and I'm pretty consistent that I can pencil or ink 1-2 pages each day I work. I just feel blessed that God has allowed me physically to complete this project, which took close to a decade of my life to complete.


Like a number of small and indy press publishers, we learned this spring that we have become a causualty of the more restrictive Diamond Distribution order thresholds. These new minimum order levels (established in 2009) have resulted in lots of wonderful indy comic titles to virtually disappear from many comic store shelves over night. Despite the fact that Diamond had filled orders for more than $10,000 of books in the Eye Witness series, it was not enough and now Head Press Publishing has formally severed our distribution with Diamond, ending a 15 year business relationship.

I'll put my prophet cap on for a moment here...when I owed a pair of comic shops back in the 90's, I became concerned when Diamond started signing exclusive deals with publishers (as a way to combat Marvel's move to self distribution at the time) because you could see it immediately started to put a strain on their competition. This trend continued, even after Marvel returned to their ranks, until almost all the major large to medium sized publishers had become exclusive publishers with Diamond.

Now, there is virtually no competition for Diamond and they are pretty much free to do whatever they like where distribution is concerned and we have situations like you see today... that they now determine what publishers and creators are made available to the retailers (hence the readers). And that's not right! I said it 15 years I sold my shops, because I didn't like how the business landscape for stores was changing....and I continue to say it today, as a publisher effected by their monopoly. Where's Teddy Rosevelt when you really need him?

But the good news? There are more ways to get your comic/gn novel fix then ever before!

Eye Witness is available to the general bookstrade through STL Distribution North America, which makes our books available through basically any book stores, (whether mainstream or Christian), big-box retailers who carry books and/or websites which sell books (including Amazon of course).

We have entered into a deal with Haven Distribution, which is catagorized as a restock other words they do carry product/publishers that Diamond no longer carries, but they do not publisher or market a regular monthy order catalog. Retailers go to their site and see what they are stocking currently. So any comic retailer can now get they Eye Witness books from Haven!

And finally, we make all of our books avaible for direct wholesale purchase to the retail community through our website. To help overcome the additional work from ordering direct, we've even upped our wholesale discounts to put more money in the store owners pockets!


I'm excited to announce that over the past few months I developed a friendship with comic legend, Brian Augustyn, and he has agreed to supply the forward for Unknown God! If you're not familiar with Brian's work, he has been involved as a writer and editor for some of the best crafted issues of: Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, JLA, Flash and the X-Men.

More to come soon....

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