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3448616843?profile=original2016 has been a year that we’ve lost a lot of famous folks from accidents, sickness and other circumstances due to being human on planet Earth. From David Bowie (singer, songwriter and actor), to Jerry Doyle (actor, talk-show host, and Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5), Kenny Baker (R2-D2 in Star Wars, as well as roles in Goonies and Time Bandits), Anton Yelchin (27 year old actor who played Chekov in Star Trek), Prince (Pop megastar), Muhammad Ali (Heavyweight champion of the world) and Alan Rickman (Actor and Professor Snape in Harry Potter), it always makes me kind of sad and reflective on my own life when these extremely talented and creative people pass on. For many of them, they not only helped bring beloved characters to life, created inspiring works of music, or were talented athletes – but were part of our own individual life stories through a culture that impacts in a variety of ways.

Read more at A Christian Geek on the Death and Life of Artists!

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Jesus Christ Comics!

3448616996?profile=originalI ran across Jesus Christ Comics on twitter recently, and received permission from the creator to share with you on Axiom! I was hoping to get an interview, but the creator (@jchristcomics) said that they wanted to keep the focus on the work, and not on themselves – which is awesome! But with such beautiful artwork that seeks to communicate the story of Christ, we really hope to one day be able to talk more with this individual and find out their story (or testimony) of why they seek to share His Truth through art...Read more about Jesus Christ Comics on the Axiom Illustration Blog!

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Not of This World!


The above piece of vector art was a LOT of fun to create. My goal here was to create a piece that would be fun for kids and adults alike, especially for those who might enjoy more of a sci-fi theme. As such, I went for a retro spacecraft along with a really cheerful looking alien communicating a simple message of “Peace, love and Christ”. Read the rest of the post HERE!

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Christians and Public School???


The above cartoon is one I created in response to listening to Colin Gunn on Reconstructionist Radio’s War Room Podcast. For those of you not familiar, Colin Gunn is an award winning writer, director, producer, animator and game developer whose impressive work also spans a number of documentary films! In the podcast, Gunn discusses how the creative medium of documentary films can convey history and impact culture. He also talks about government school indoctrination (as well as his Indoctrination movie), the unfortunate response many Christians in America have towards attempts to educate on Public School (which is a tough subject, but one worth thinking about), national socialized medicine and a lot more....Read the rest of the post Here!

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Cat Meme Bible Study?


In a move that set the Christian community ablaze with excitement, a prominent Christian Publisher issued a press release last Tuesday about a bold new Cat Meme Bible Study they will be offering this October. The study, which promises to not only focus on how to use cat memes to deepen individual faith, also plans to show how the utilization of this popular internet phenomenon can entice friends and neighbors into attending church. Read more at:

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Exclusive Interview: Matt Crotts!

3448615595?profile=originalIn addition to being the illustrator for the extraordinary KYRIE graphic novel, Matt Crotts (MC) has a Masters of Science in Medical Illustration, a BFA in illustration and five years full-time professional illustration experience. Some of the programs he uses to create his impressive artwork includes Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop,Illustrator, InDesign, Aftereffects and Flash) , Maxon Cinema 4D and Pixologic ZBrush. In the following artist interview, I was able to speak with Matt about what inspires him – as well as about KYRIE (from Ancient Greek Κύριε, pronounced “Keer-ee-ay”), a graphic novel set in 3rd century Roman North Africa. It follows a curious band of thieves, traitors and cut-throats as they attempt to outsmart the Imperial authorities, while navigating their own dark and competing desires as outlaws of Rome! Enjoy!

Read the rest of this great interview at: Matt Crotts Interview!

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3448615531?profile=originalAxiom Illustration recently had the privilege of speaking with Taylor Overbey (TO), a veteran illustrator and writer with an extensive array of impressive work! From fine art to children’s books, how-to books, cartoons (including the GLAD Christian Humor magazine) and more, Overbey is a fascinating individual who works at finding creative ways to share a unique message with our world! In the interview below, he shares many of his fascinating experiences as an artist, author and much more. Enjoy! Read the interview HERE!

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3448615604?profile=originalOne of the things I always find slightly funny, and a little disconcerting, is the way some Christians behave when it comes to elections, political parties and even nationalism itself. This seems especially true during that not-so-wonderful time of life when election season rolls around, and people who used to be your friends start giving you dark stares for not supporting their favorite presidential candidate…or worse, questioning their favorite political party. It reminds me a little of those dark days of the time referred to as the “Civil War” when everyone was forced to choose a side, and anyone who tried to remain neutral was often mistreated, persecuted and considered a traitor. Amazingly, that bloody conflict (in which an estimated 1 million men, women and children were killed) involved many professing Christians on both sides. Imagine how the Gospel could have advanced throughout the country had this conflict been avoided. Blessed are the peacemakers?

Read the rest of this important post on the Christian Worldview and Politics at Who Would Jesus Vote For?

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Artist Interview: Melchizedek Todd!

3448615653?profile=originalI recently had the privilege of catching up with Melchizedek Todd, a talented Christian artist who utilizes his awesome God-given skills in some unique ways – namely through illustration and the creation of! Melchizedek Todd (MT) writes that, “ is the beginning ministry God has called me to do, which is what He has called all Christians to do – and that is repeat what Jesus accomplished on earth. Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons, made disciples, preached the gospel and so forth. This is our calling (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18). With that, God has given me some talents to advance his kingdom. The graphic novel series Allegories of the Way is the premier vehicle that is being used now. More aspects of the ministry will come in time, and as God reveal them to me, I’ll share them with you.”

Read the full interview at Artist Interview: Melchizedek Todd!

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Game Design: Journey and Christian Art

3448615543?profile=originalIt’s been several years since the hit game “Journey” came out on the Playstation 3 game console. However, as I recently played it through the Playstation Now Subscription Service (via PS4) for the first time the other night, I was so impressed by the experience that I thought it worth devoting a little time to talk about this brilliant piece of interactive art – and how it might relate to Christian creativity!

Putting it simply, I think Journey is a perfect example of the kind of game Christians will want to look at if they’re interested in creating art (in the form of books, game design, music, etc) that help communicate our message to the world. Journey, which was released in March of 2012 by Thatgamecompany, beautifully conveys a moving story of a character as they walk, glide or fly through a series of stunning environments. And while it certainly isn’t a Christian game, it’s the kind of experience that is accessible to all – which is what many Christians working in the arts should be mindful of working towards.

Read more at "Game Design: Journey and Christian Art!"

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3448615510?profile=originalWhat if Gene Roddenberry (the creator of Star Trek) or Isaac Asimov (scientist and sci-fi author) had been christians? It might be easy to think, as I once did, that if these two brilliant and extremely creative men had been followers of God, then they surely wouldn’t have developed the amazing works they are known for. However, I think this couldn’t be more wrong!

Read more at: Christian Star Trek: A Call for Christian Creativity!

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