Christians and Public School???


The above cartoon is one I created in response to listening to Colin Gunn on Reconstructionist Radio’s War Room Podcast. For those of you not familiar, Colin Gunn is an award winning writer, director, producer, animator and game developer whose impressive work also spans a number of documentary films! In the podcast, Gunn discusses how the creative medium of documentary films can convey history and impact culture. He also talks about government school indoctrination (as well as his Indoctrination movie), the unfortunate response many Christians in America have towards attempts to educate on Public School (which is a tough subject, but one worth thinking about), national socialized medicine and a lot more....Read the rest of the post Here!

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  • Thanks for the comment Brien Sparling. I understand this is a difficult subject (which I noted in the body of the post), but one that is worth thinking about. As a Christian cartoonist/illustrator/artist, I understand that sometimes the work created may prompt a variety of challenging feelings, thoughts, etc. However, while this is not always the goal of art - it is an important aspect of it (much like music, writing, etc can also do the same thing). I too attended public/government school, and have many family members who once taught. So I can certainly understand. However, I still maintain that there are some issues worth considering on both sides of the aisle on this important issue. And I also think there is some solid scriptural evidence towards a clearly Christian education too (as God is the foundation of all knowledge). Thanks again!

  •      When godly authorities make sweeping generalizations regarding 100,000+ public schools (U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2016) employing over 10million souls of which many are apparently deluded Christians...I suspect that those godly authorities are committing 'Elijah's error'(1 Kings19:18). 

        I suppose the issue of 'Deluded parents enrolling their children in public schools,' could be posted as a Discussion item on this site, so I won't venture my opinions (from 32 years teaching science in public schools) here.  However I will lay out a few facts from God's sunshine state, California, here:

    1) All three of my sons went through our public school system; the oldest co-pastoring in a nearby city church and (God willing) will soon be an Army Chaplin; middle son is a church deacon and study leader in a local church; the youngest is a Global Studies major and serving our Lord as a christian camp counselor and in our church.

    2) My niece and nephew are nearing the end of their high-school education as part of a Christian home-school coop.  They are dynamic and intuitive presenters, researchers thinkers; well on their ways to becoming a preschool teacher and helicopter pilot respectively, and I couldn't be prouder of them.

    3) My cousin's children went through a private Christian school (hundreds of them in God's state of California) and graduated as balanced thinkers: Firefighter, Horse-trainer, and the girl's still in college. Amazing young people that love the Lord.

    We've got some dark times ahead but God's already creating some bright lights in the upcoming generation.

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