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  • Hi Guys and Gals! I'm looking for an inker and a colorist for the second issue of my comic, Godsend (

    I don't have a lot of money to pay, so, with that being said, if you're looking to build your portfolio and get some work in print, contact me here with links to your samples.

    The pencils are completed for the second issue and one inker is already working on them. The first issue is doing quite well and has received some really good reviews!

    If you're interested, message me here with links to your samples.

    Thanks in advance!

    Lee Jiles

    About Time Comics

  • Hi! I'm new here and wanted to say hi to everyone, and also to see if anyone had any videos they'd like to contribute to a Christian children's Roku station. My hubby and I are Christian authors, and Kev an illustrator. We had a show on a religious network that was scrapped due to management issues, so found ourselves sitting on a mountain of artwork. So, we learned a bit of video editing and made some simple storybook videos. And so when some got on a new Roku station, the Victory Television Network, we purchased a Roku this weekend to see what it was about. We were surprised to see that out of the roughly 150 religious stations none were dedicated to kids. So we started talking about creating one ourselves. And we found a channel builder, a service that does the code for you, you just send them your youtube links, so it can easily be done. And cheap, too, the  channel builder is only $5 a month. So, this is definitely feasible, so we're just nosing around to see if anyone has content they'd like to share with this. This has been a driving force in our lives for years, the desire to create a Christian children's station, so we're praying hard for this!

  • Hi! I haven't come in here in quite a while and thought I'd touch base with all of you.

    Indie Comics Magazine has been published and offered through Diamond for two years now.
    Our goal is to introduce independent comic book creators to the Diamond audience and beyond with 8-page, done-in-one stories, news release program, click through from our website, and video preview.

    To receive pro-specific Indie Comics Magazine info beyond the fan info, join the Pro Email List:
    You can opt out at any time.

    The buy-in details and our numbers are under "Submissions."

    Affordable Showcase Ads are explained here.

    Themed books work well for us -- Indie Comics Horror #1 is available from September's Previews NOW under Aazurn Publishing -- and a Christian-themed Indie Comics Magazine, or an Indie Comics Christian #1, would be super. I just need to line up 8 creators!

    Read through "Submissions," then I'm here for questions!

    Gary Scott Beatty
    Indie Comics Magazine
    Xeric Awarded Writer and Illustrator
    Comic Book Coloring and Lettering
    1509 Princeton Rd.
    Muskegon, MI 49441

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Indie Comics Horror #1 is 48 pages of the best horror from today's independent comic book creators. Six complete stories in this issue. No huge overprint, no digital version, no subscriptions, September's Previews comic book order magazine, under Aazurn Publishing, at your local or online comic shop is the ONLY way readers can get Indie Comics Horror #1! Check out the video preview with music by the appropriately indie Chantron, at

    Indie Comics Magazine

    Hello, CCAS family!

    I'm fairly new here, (a few day old, actually).

    My name is, Maurice Isaac Gardner, Creative Content Developer and

    CEO of the forthcoming multimedia/animated projects brand, ELECTRO-SOUL PRODUCTIONS.

    Electro-Soul's descriptive overview and ojective is, contributing to the

    advancement of the Kingdom, by glorifying God almighty, through

    the media vehicle...'animated cartoon features' (refer to my Linkedin page for details). Currently, I am pitching a presentation package to;

    potential investment partners/brand investors, private investors, producers, distributors and major animation production companies.

    Hence, the reason our heavenly Father guided me to, CCAS.


    Contained within Electro-Soul's intellectual properties conglomerate,

    exists [5] highly marketable, original, christian cartoon concepts.

    I am seeking, talented, gifted artist(s), to embellish promotional posters, which will support each concept contained in proposal package. Character designs, story development, storylines, etc., are not needed...this is already established, and will be provided to

    assist the elected artist(s) in the completion of the pieces.


    Presently, payment for this venture cannot be released, as my current

    budget balance is "0%". However, artistic contributions will not be

    void of future compensations, pertaining to this venture.

    Elected candidates will have their names credited to each piece, as

    the embellishing artist. Also, the hope of becoming a partaker of this

    vision's manifestation!


    Please email samples of work/style to:

    If you choose to forward your materials by postal service:


    c/o Maurice Isaac Gardner

    3125 W. Warm Springs, Road

    Suite # 1121

    Henderson, NV 89014

    [Note]; Once I've reviewed samples, concepts will be assigned according to an "artistic match".

    Then, a content packaged, detailing they concepts, will be mailed.

    Finally...thank you for your time, attention, and artistic contribution!

    COLOSSIANS 3:23-24

    "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for

      the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an

      inheritance from the Lord as a reward."

  • Does CCAS distribute comics for the creators???

  • I'm one of those who isn't very active on this site. My time is limited and I can only participate on one networking site, so I monitor my Facebook pages. I have always found the Christian Comic Artists site here to be kind of hard to navigate.
  • Bob,I appreciate the comment.I've already written to Brian on the matter and shared some background on myself and what I've been thru in this area.Thanks so much for setting me in the right direction.I'm taking the time to familiarize myself with your work and that of others so I can start to feel right at home.Stay Blessed,brother!
  • Angelo...I'm with Brian on this...there is ample interaction on this site.  I just think you might either trying to contact memebers directly who maybe are not very active (and yes, that is probably the majority...but that's the same way on any networking platform...or life BTW) or you are not going about it the right way.

    My suggestion is, if you have something you want feedback on, or discussion about, or just to network for other artists...go to the main page and "post a discussion."  That seems to be the best way to get the ball rolling.

    And surfing through some of the existing posts will give you an idea of creators and/or fans who are most active on the site.

  • Hi, Angelo- I'm assuming you might be looking in areas that aren't being used often? I can assure you there is PLENTY of interaction here. IN fact, I get too many emails from this site on some days, lol.


  • Greetings,believers.I joined this site almost 2 years ago with the intention of meeting other christian comic artists to fellowship and share knowledge and stories about our mutual profession.

    I've been extremely disappointed at the results.Not only have I've not been able to connect with other artists but I find this site to be extremely void of any activity among it's members.Perhaps I'm wrong but I've tried to contact people here just to get the ball rolling but I get no responses from anyone nor do I see any updates from other artists on their profiles.

    What is going on here? Are there any connections to be made or not? Where is everyone that I see are members? Am I doing something wrong? I don't understand how we call ourselves Christians and yet we don't even congregate on something as convenient as a website!! Please advise....

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Revelation Ch 9

Hi, everybody!I have been considering Revelation ch. 9 and the beast described there: Men with the faces of lions, stingers, etc. I got to thinking of them as men in some sort of combat suit. Has anybody here ever done an illustration based on that verse?

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Model for a gal friday/girlfriend

Hey, everybody.I'm hoping you can give me some input. I need a model for my hero's love interest for my illustrator to reference. I see her as a cheerleader type: blond, blue-eyed, healthy figure. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks and God Bless You. 

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How do you stay with it?

Hi, I'm pretty new to this site, so forgive me if I do or say anything wrong. I'm an artist (I mostly paint) and I really want to make a comic of my own, and I have tons of ideas. However, in the past, it seemed like when I got inspired to make something, I would burn out and get bored of it before I even finished the first chapter. How do you stay inspired to stick with it?

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