This is an old pic that I drew back in the day. I normally am hesitant to post my artwork but I guess it's time I started sharing some of my stuff. Couldn't think of a better place to do that than here. This is my first time posting ever so I hope it works...if it does then I'll post some more

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  • This is a nice piece, I am pretty busy but if you send me a high rez version, i'll throw some colours at it when i have 5 minutes to rub together. :)

  • Spiderman!!!!

  • Inking is an artform all on it's own. I really respect inkers and the work that they put in. Because some pencilers barely put anything on the page, and they leave it for the inker to do.  DC put out a how to ink book. I don't know if you got it, I read it and it's pretty good.  I also look at the inkers who are popular for reference. You can look at how they ink the nose, the lips, and eyes and all that. It's all math and repitition once you get the hang of it.    Nah who am I kidding, I'm to lazy to do that, lol I just do what feels right, then I step back and look at it to see how it looks from a distance. More than once.
  • I like it in B&W. I am a fan of B&W and grey tones. I am also a fan of skilled inkers. Looks like you have your inks together. I am still working on mine.
  • yeah, this one I would love to see colored and also the batman that I drew. But I suck at coloring, well not suck completely, I can color it, but it won't look like what we are used to seeing now in comics. I wish I knew a colorist. That would make life easier.
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