Modern Christians 6.23

The next page of Modern Christians is finally up. I wanted to find a good reference photo for the classroom since I am bad at perspective and don't fully remember what a high school classroom looks like.

The story will get even more interesting.

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  • lol. You guys crack me up...

  • David: Probably not! I have no idea how much publicity you will get because it is the first issue. BUT YOU SHOULD DO THE INTERVIEW ANYWAY because you will learn schmoozing skills that will be invaluable when you hit it big time :-P.
  • Sounds good. Would it get us both publicity? Most of the Modern Christians fans are on DeviantArt.

  • Incidentally, David, would you be willing to do an interview with me (you being the interviewee; my being the interviewer)? I am editing a Christian comic magazine, a review of such things really, and thought an interview with the author of Modern Christians would be nice. 

  • Yeah David, I got that it was a Christian club.

  • Well it's a Christian Club, so not every seat will be filled.

  • Yup, You got the classroom right(I see them five days a week) but...its so empty. It looks like Tiffany is giving her announcement to a nearly empty class.  As usual, your panal design nicely sets up a situation that is clear yet interesting. The backrounds in 2&6 also have a nice depth, which helps hold the viewer's eye.

  • Thanks. Glad you see theres something more deep since at times I worry I make the backgrounds too simple. When I look back at my older comics, I feel like I care more about backgrounds then.

  • If anyone has (or had) teen daughters they can identify with ms. Tiffany's behavior. Dave the classroom looks fine. It fits your unique art style. I looked at the page without words and your layout and story telling informs the reader that the characters are in a class room setting. This project has a more of a "comic-strip" feel so your backgrounds fit. I like the way that you used the background in panel 2 and 6, the first thing the reader sees and the last thing the reader sees, so the setting is ingrained for this page. Also the panel 5 offset in black and inverted text adds good visual tonal change.

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