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Active Webcomic Creators

How many active webcomic creators do we have on here?

Can you comment with your comic's name and a link to the site?

Also, please mention when you post (Mondays, Fridays, first of the month, etc).

I have an old webcomic, my first issue of Plasmatic,

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Self as Subject Matter

Hey guys. I came up with an idea for a webcomic that is based on my ministry that is not getting off the ground, Boardin for the LORD. Basically it is bring skateboarders, snowboarders, wakeboarders, etc. to Christ then take them to locales where we

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Link exchanging, anyone?

Hey, would anyone be interested in doing a link exchange? I'm going to fix up my blogroll, and I'd be happy to include links to other Christian webcomics, as long as they are up and running (no 404's! :)If you'd like a link to your site, just send me

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Any thoughts about promotion?

I'm curious to hear what ideas people have about promoting a webcomic. I think this could be beneficial to everyone to share ideas here. I have a few to share, that I think help, but who knows, there might be better ideas out there.First, and I picke

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Worm a good Subject?

I was thinking about a possible serial that would rotate around the "adventures" of an earthworm. You could get a seemingly objective perspective on the human race. The idea came to me when I thought what if containerless time travel took other "orga

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Webcomic creator introduction

Hey, since this discussion group is officially up and rolling, how about some brief introductions from webcomic creators here, such as what you're working on and maybe what you'd like to see covered and discussed here in this group? Here's my intro..

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Well, I thought I'd go ahead and start one of these, in case anyone has some input. I have a webcomic that has been going for over 80 strips now... and it isn't quite what I want it to be.Fortunately, it is also unpopular!I say fortunately, because w

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