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Wow, great be here and meet everyone! I guees i should introduce my webcomics since that is why we are all here!

I have two working christian webcomics at the moment. Check out our Facebook for updates, links to the comic and contests!

Guild Tomes - A fantasy action adventure about a young paladin anmed Dron Hahmer and the adventures he has with a disgraced barbarian prince, a looney elf Tinker who is as likely to blow herself up as the enemy, a wealthy and charming Sage, two orphan sisters one a dead-eye with a tomahawk and the other a timid but skilled swordwoman and a soft spoken but strong willed Dragling Agent in service to the church. 

High Society - A Comedy/Romance about the lives of five superhuman teens on Team Dagger trying to become full fledged members of the Nirrai, the secret police of the advanced christian city state under Antartica known as "High Society".


Their leader and Gunner, a young vampire Elizabeth "Furie" Slider is recovering from "Bloodlust" and does all she can to keep order in the house they share and on the battlefield against giant man-like roaches, zombies and evil mutants from outside the city walls.

Ezekiel "Chum" Jobs- The Team's melee fighter AKA a "Brute" is a "Gifted" the name given to those born superheros and uses his massive strength, iron hard skin and shark like jaws to tear through the enemy ranks like a Great White rips through lesser sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Big, goofy and random Chum is three hundred pounds of blue muscle and teeth always willing to throw down with the biggest bad guy coming at the team.

Candace "Candy" Sweet - The heiress to the SWEETS fortune and another young Gifted with the power to heal wounds, remove disease and create diamond hard walls of light to defend against attacks. A kind and gentle young woman with a habit of being a bit of a ditz and a drama queen. Candy prides herself on being able to read people but can't seem to notice the Team Engineer looking at her with that certain look.

Jonathan "Gremlin" Carter- A young human with brilliance to spare, Gremlin is responsible for all the Intel, Tech and Gear the Team uses and in his spare time tests his own latest creations out in the field, be it a new Cloaking Device or a kind of battle drone. Gremlin has been bullied and pushed around for most of his life and he now has a timid and quite personality but to those who know him he is a great source of fun and companionship.

Anne "Slim" Myers - A young woman with a background story as long as her neck, a mutant and product of her own dad's over ambitious experiments. Created as a test tube baby from her parent's own stock her DNA was tampered with and enhanced by her parents to mimic the genes of some of the world's most threatening creatures in hopes of finding a cure all for diseases both mental and physical, but the result was an overly mutated little girl who was born to two irresponsible young scientist.

Anne's parents left High Society in fear the city's ruler would destroy Anne and them in anger over these results and fled to continue their research in South America, but after a lab fire the Myers became indebted to a Mexican drug lord who took Anne as payment for the damages caused by the fire and trained her to be his private killer and used the hybrid venom her claws created to make a powerful new drug called "Snake Fingers".

But when Anne hit puberty her poison glands changed and the venom was no longer usable as a narcotic, so the Drug Lord tracked down Anne's parents in America and stole their notes on their method of creating mutants in hopes of creating a creature to produce offspring with Anne to get more venom from the young mutants, that was until Anne's parents sent a distress message to High Society who responded by sending Team Dagger to recover Anne and destroy the notes and knowledge of Anne's creation.

Now back in High Society Anne is struggling to become a normal girl in a city filled with Humans, Monsters, Superheros and Mutants gathering together under God's flag to live in peace with one another, a task made easier when her saviors are more than willing to let the young mutant have a spot on their unorthodox but effective team.         


If your eyes haven't fallen out after reading all that then i want to thank you for your time and have a good one! X3

God bless! 


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