Focusing on our audience! Who are they? How do they find us? How can we better reach them?

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  • Hey! I wrote a children's book that isn't moving. Can any of you help me? God Bless You.
  • Hey Michael,

    Thanks for sharing this great resource! BTW, I interview Christian comic creators on my site(, so if you're interested, feel free to check out some of them and shoot me an e-mail ( I may also reach out to you soon regarding some marketing tips for my first comic release, which is on Graphicly, Wowio, Balloon'd, and some other places.


  • Hey Marketing Group!

    Just joined last week and look forward to the CCAS experience.  Looking through the posts I noticed Justin's comment about marketing on a 'budget'.  I've spent about $5 on marketing thus far with great results.  There are tons of free marketing opportunities out there.  I write about some of them in my Hubpages, along with other comic stuff.  Hope this helps!

  • Welcome Jason!
  • Hello everyone,

    I just joined the group, and I look forward to connecting with folks sharing information/ideas about projects, as well the writing process. I'm new to this comic writing thing, so I'm looking for some ideas as to how to market and promote effectively "on a budget," lol.


    I'm currently working on two projects, one focuses on teenagers with unique abilities (Lightweightz), and the other is a collaboration with Earnest Graham (priest and graphic novelist) about the life of the Apostle Peter.


    You can learn more about the projects here: Take care and God bless!

  • Hey! Anyone out there know of any small (or large) toy companies that can make custom action figures?
  • Faith Star comics inc. owner is looking for a partner
    any intrest email
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Help!!! I need brand names!

Hi everybody!I hope you can help me. We have gotten our chocolate recipe just about perfected as well as a recipe for Ice Cream and a recipe for a soft drink. So, we need brand names for our products, and we would like them to reflect a more 'down home' or southern flavor. Everything we have come up with doesn't really pass muster, however.I have them below:Chocolate Bar:Bonnie Blue>Southern Star>Southern TrailIce Cream:Southern Cross> Southern Trails>Country RoadsSoft DrinkRebel Yell>White…

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How do we show our work is different?

Some time back, I went to a convention with some of my work only to have it dismissed by a boy who might have been 10 or 11 as being 'too much like Bibleman' the print media of Willie Aames' outreach, even though he freely admitted he hadn't read any of my work. In retrospect, somebody must have put him up doing what he did, but he did raise a question to me: How do we differentiate our work from the presentations for evangelistic organizations? Any thoughts?

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POD Websites

Hi All! I was wondering if anyone has used Print-On-Demand websites like Lulu, Cafepress and Zazzle, and could share some experience.How do you use it for marketing, and how do you get people to go to your pages in those sites?Thanks!

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We need to be like Image,Topcow,Shadowline,

The best way to survive is if we stick together if Christian Comic companies pull resources together. Sometimes I think everyone has a different agenda but if us as christian publishing companies want that longevity I think there needs to be alliances made espeically if our common purpose is to help save souls and deliver a god like msg. Tell me what you think.....Thank you

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