We need to be like Image,Topcow,Shadowline,

The best way to survive is if we stick together if Christian Comic companies pull resources together. Sometimes I think everyone has a different agenda but if us as christian publishing companies want that longevity I think there needs to be alliances made espeically if our common purpose is to help save souls and deliver a god like msg. Tell me what you think.....Thank you

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  • I have to agree as well.Sometimes we are so focused on doing the job that we forget the best way to do the job is to do it with others. In my home town, there are easily two or three dozen churches that run maybe 100 members and struggle to do the job, if they do it at all. If they pooled their resources, they could easily outstrip any other church in the area and evangelize the town in a truly amazing way.

  • I agree.  Strength in numbers. 

  • This is my first foray into this realm, but in my humble opinion you couldn't have said it any better. I think it's fantatsic if we were able to make solid livings out of artistic ministries. I also get that it takes money to ensure longevity, exposure and so forth. But what it all comes down to is the message. I mean no disrespect when I say this, but I can't see Peter trying to "bump" Andrew out of his territory (maybe the Zebedee boys, though). John the Baptist said it best (paraphrasing) "I must become less so He can become more". We need God to make any of this happen. If we lose sight of WHY we're doing this, then a few sales is the reward- nothing more. If we (or the world for that matter) helped one another how great would that be? If I lost out on a deal because I suggested it to someone else who made it a success, then I'd rejoice that I was part of it and know that God got the glory. Mission complete.
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