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Folks, just an update, but I had a problem with my internet when I submitted Hint's & Tips, discussion, so I apologize if there are so many posted, I don't know how to delete them, if you posted a discussion, please select "View ALL" to see if it's still here, i made it to where 10 forum posts are supposed to be seen at a time, please let me know if you posted one and it's not there, sorry for the goof!

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  • Hello! I'm Miranda_Artz. I'm a freelance digital artist, animator, and amateur comic creator who just recently self-published my first fantasy graphic novel. People have said it's similar to Alice in Wonderland, and I'll take that as a huge compliment. I'm new to this site and I actually can't believe one exists! I never thought to look for a Christian comic community until my brother gave me the idea. I'm really happy to be here! I hope to make connections and meet other Christian artists.
  • Hello. I'm new here. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Cannot wait to get to know my brothers and sister in Christ which share the same love for art! I've been searching everywhere for a place like this! I have a character and story idea for a comic book/graphic novel. I'd love to share it with y'all and get some advice. I'll post my character in the photo section shortly. Thank you for adding me!
  • I would be more than happy to share what i have learned so far. God bless.
  • I am drawing comics for two independent comic companies, and i am starting my own company i am always learning
  • hello people how are u! im just new here :)

  • SHALOM שָלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם  אָמֵן My dream has always been to be in a group like this, with artists like you, who have the same dreams and that we can see our dreams come true, and we can publish our projects (comic or comics), my dream is to write and publish a book about my testimony (that was a terrible experience before Jesus Christ saved me) and I can publish and even create in cartoon character, a comic that I wrote and draw...Thank You  ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ » » »

  • i to am kind of in need of some help with some comics im trying to brew up just need a penciler i will do everything else

  • Hi everyone. Right now, I'm looking for an artist, specifically, a penciler at the moment. I'm doing a superhero genre for my comic-book idea. If anyone is interested, they can e-mail me some samples of artwork for me to look at. Email me any questions.



  • To anybody that whats some tips in drawing, Stan Lee's Hot To Draw comics is a really good book to own! Its a good book for helping in Costumes, Penciling, Inking and coloring. Lettering and Word Balloons. Digital Advances. Perspective and Foreshortening.

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Encouragement for Amateurs

Hey, guys! I'm quite the amateur artist, so I know that it can be really tough... A lot of people in my life don't understand the point of it—comics don't pay, so why bother? A lot of Christians think it's worthless—something secular can't speak into the lives of anyone. And as an amateur, I am constantly told by others and by my own fears and doubts that maybe I'm just not good enough to do this... To do this art thing, nonetheless to do it for the King of kings. So I constantly go back to the…

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It's not just about drawing pictures... you have to tell the story!

Hello brothers and sister in Christ!Thanks be to Jesus for His grace and mercy and giving me a nudge to write this down.While I still struggle with Captain Miracle, the problem is not drawing "the Mighty Man of God," but showing what the characters in the panel are doing. This wasn't easy for me to get into and I hope you have less difficulty. But once we're past drawing figures, trees, grass, cars, roadways, city skylines, etc., we need to effectively arrange these elements in the panel. If…

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