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Folks, just an update, but I had a problem with my internet when I submitted Hint's & Tips, discussion, so I apologize if there are so many posted, I don't know how to delete them, if you posted a discussion, please select "View ALL" to see if it's still here, i made it to where 10 forum posts are supposed to be seen at a time, please let me know if you posted one and it's not there, sorry for the goof!

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  • Well,  the beauty of the Interent, is that distance doesn't matter too much.  If you really want the critiques of your work or idea (and you can be any level of artist) post it on the main CCAS page and ask.  The more detailed your request, the more detailed and helpful the responces will be.

    Another way of getting effective help is to look over the previous posts and blogs on this site until you see one (or several) that really resonate with you. Post a responce to their work (most of us get email notifications when someone comments) and that starts a conversation where you can bring up your idea.

    Welcome to CCAS, Katy.

    In Grace,


  • wow angelo, thank you so much for such a quick response. I will e-mail it to your account here. I will add u as a friend as well, so u can get the e-mail.

  • Hi Michele

    I have a Wacom Bamboo Tablet in great condition,software complete.

    E-mail me your address and I'll look into cost for shipping it to you,if possible....Angelo

  • HI, I don't know if anyone you can help me. I am a student studying Graphic Design. Well here in the Caribbean to get the digital tools to use are very expensive, and we don't really have outlets available to get discounted or used stuff. Right now, I am using a friends computer to do all my work, cause my computer is not working.
    This semester we'll be doing 3d animation and Motion Graphics, I don't know if you know anyone who has an old or used Wacom tablet available, who might be willing to donate it to me. I need one for my class and it's two expensive here.
    Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.
  • Robert,

    300dpi means 300 Dots per Inch. Meaning how many dots there are in an inch. Higher the dots means higher the resolution.

    Also I have had my art work scanned in the past and it can get pricey quick! In the past flatbed scanners cost a bunch which put them out of the price range for most people. Brother just released a large format 11x17 scanner, printer thats way affordable. I actually just got mine and got it set up a few days ago. You should check it out.  Right now its $155 on Amazon. Hope this all helps.

  • basicly i just need someone to draw i can draw concepts and rough drafts okay but i cant get quite as detailed as others but i can ink and color so i just need someone to draw the panels some of my insprations ar jim lee def my company im trying to start is called new disciples and it is going to be very dc marvel like but christian based that's all i can really say for now so if you know anyone that can help would be very appreceated
  • thank you how ever i do need some help i am looking for an artist to help me out with a company im starting so if you know any one perferbly in the dfw area that would be great
  • i joined like a day or so ago
  • Sounds like the beginning of a new comic plot,buddy.Run with it!
  • Thanks Robert! I use the pen and tablet for everything but acrylic painting. I take a rough draft and refine it completely. With my disability it is a bit hard anymore to lean over a desk or drafting table so I started using the tablet pen. It does take some getting used because it is different than drawing on paper.  And it is easy on the eyes for detail because you can blow up the drawing to any size for corrections once you get used to the pixels. Sometimes you do get a jagged edge but with patience that too can be conquered.

    You should give it a go and see what happens. I am sure it is not for everyone but at least if you do not like it you can used it for coloring your drawings in a fast simple way.

    I was against using one for a long time I never thought I would ever would saying in my mind.. 'it is not really art because I can't feel the paper or get my hands messy' but here I am. I pray before each cartoon or art work and it always seems to work out!

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Encouragement for Amateurs

Hey, guys! I'm quite the amateur artist, so I know that it can be really tough... A lot of people in my life don't understand the point of it—comics don't pay, so why bother? A lot of Christians think it's worthless—something secular can't speak into the lives of anyone. And as an amateur, I am constantly told by others and by my own fears and doubts that maybe I'm just not good enough to do this... To do this art thing, nonetheless to do it for the King of kings. So I constantly go back to the…

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It's not just about drawing pictures... you have to tell the story!

Hello brothers and sister in Christ!Thanks be to Jesus for His grace and mercy and giving me a nudge to write this down.While I still struggle with Captain Miracle, the problem is not drawing "the Mighty Man of God," but showing what the characters in the panel are doing. This wasn't easy for me to get into and I hope you have less difficulty. But once we're past drawing figures, trees, grass, cars, roadways, city skylines, etc., we need to effectively arrange these elements in the panel. If…

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