I once though tell a story with my sketches silly. Impossible, insane, why. I have no talent it won't work. I don't have the tools to do this. I felt God telling me to create it with what I have and not to stop. So I started with simple sketches. Some good some not so good. I felt stupid. I kept at it. For a while I gave up felt lost.  I look back on these moments wondering how I could think God had a plan for my pile of art and sketches. 

My first attempt started here.

It was futile at best. But I refused to give up. I got good feed back and not so good feed back.  

I am unsure where God is taking with all of this I just know I feel driven to do it. To tell a story of darkness and light. To show hope and redemption. I have changed how I draw things a lot. My wild whimsy is still there just more refined. I want to progress further. It is possible as long as I keep in mind God and what he wants. I am grateful for anyone who reads my work or looks at my art. My latest Entry can be found here.

I am unsure of what is coming next just that I need to start drawing. It is like the story is writing itself in my mind as we speak.

Well that's it for now.

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  • Interesting stuff! I had a bit of trouble reading the font - especially at the top where it is white on light grey and there isn't as much contrast. Maybe give the text an outline? Just some thoughts. Keep it up!

  • Hey Rachel, Looked over your site, first chapter and drawings.  Nice intensity and passion! The drawings are well composed and posed, and have eye-appeal. When I look at some of the more detailed sketches, its easy to connect with the emotions of the characters.

    Best of all, you've demonstrated the persistence to stick with drawing and storytelling for over a year and a half! Awesome.  Our mutual Lord works at a slow and steady pace on us, and appears to expect the same from us.

    Myself and many on this site are amateur artists and storytellers who have "signed up for the long trip" to improve ourselves and our art.  I'm glad to have you and "Dragonfly" with us. 

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