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Ok, here is the blog. It is open to only my friends on CCAS. Most of which are involved in the Christian in Comics Universe Project. I am posting what as been added thus for story-wise for your review, critique, editing and enjoyment.

From Gerry Lee

Once upon a time in America there was a Golden Age of Heroes. Heroes were noble, powerful, larger than life. One of the most popular was Prometheus Alpha (help with the name please). He taught people to be good citizens and God fearing people. He never failed to astonish admirers and enemies alike because his powers seemed extraordinary even for a super hero.
(His power is the ability to perform the miracles of the Bible and it's Promises to the believer)
His failing, that would result in losing his powers, was that he never revealed the source of his powers. He often spoke of God in a 'cultural Christian' sort of way "Be good. Go to Church. Study Hard. Eat your vegetables', but always allowed people to hero worship him, and took credit for his heroic feats, and eventually God removed the gifts and Prometheus Alpha was no more.
I like the long hair, it's kind of Samson-like I think, of course the story of Samson is a great inspiration for this story.
Other than that, feel free to change anything about him.
Keep in mind that God raised him to be a great prophet but Prometheus wanted to be a superhero. Even the name he took was wrong. Prometheus felt he was putting God's power to work among men, but in reality he was squandering it and embezzling the miracles for mostly his own glory. His successor will be Pentecost Omega, and he -will- give the glory to God.
more from Gerry
Idea 1: The actor is playing the role of a recently deceased hero, and is going on what the secular media told us about this secretive but beloved hero. All manner of minority factions have their own interpretation of what drove the hero to perform an exemplary life of selfless deeds. The actor really doesn’t care, he just does his job and parties the nights away. The script might portray the hero in a sinister light, perhaps it’s the heroes arch nemesis funding the story, determined on one last act of revenge.
Quick Overview:
Prometheus: Given the power to duplicate any Biblical miracle. Samson like, his great failing was that while he did good and was faithful to God, he did not give God the glory for this power. In the end the power left him, until the day he died, when the power was gifted to him one last time to save people.
(Meaning: Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. Pentecost was God’s gift empowering men.)
A great hero has passed away under mysterious circumstances.
Today, a few years later, a movie company announces it’s going to film the story of his life.
A famous young actor at the height of his fame is cast to play the hero.
The film is being backed by the hero’s arch nemesis.
The actor is a bit perplexed by the portrayal of the hero as really being a racist bigot, self righteous but with all manner of vices. Even so, he takes the money and the girls and parties the nights away.
A little kid keeps sneaking onto the set, a fan of the hero. The actor humors the kid, but gets annoyed after awhile. The kid is like a Jiminy Crikkit character, telling the actor how the hero was great and heroic, and selfless, etc., which peeves the actor who is portraying the hero in a very bad light.
During the shooting, a Detective Chastity Cortez (Kevin Yong’s character) comes snooping around the set. An accident almost kills her, but the actor saves her.
Virtue(Chastity) finds the actor during the ensuing break in the filming (filming closed due to safety/police investigation.
Virtue takes the unwilling actor to meet various heroes and people who knew the hero.
‘Lady, why are you doing this? You figure you still owe Prometheus?
‘No, I figure I owe you.’
‘Never mind, that’s not exactly true either.’
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’
Later in the story:
‘You asked me why I’m doing this.’
‘Uh huh.’
‘There is someone I owe. I owe Him everything.’
‘When you know the answer, you will understand Prometheus’
One of the more opinionated heros that the actor meets might argue with him when the actor says dismissively:
‘Look, I understand that he believed in Church and America and all that, sure. That’s why he did what he did. I can respect that.’
‘But you think he was a fool, simple minded, and a dullard.’
‘Hey! I never said that!’
‘Then do you believe what he believed?’
‘No. No I don’t.’
‘Too bad he wasn’t smart like you, huh? ’
‘No, I…just leave me alone! I didn’t ask for this Sunday school lesson okay?!’
In the time of my fathers there was a great man and hero known as Prometheus. He loved God and Country, and with great powers did mighty deeds and battled against villains and evil doers. Then 10 years ago Prometheus disappeared.
Other heroes arose, though none so mighty or noble. And we got by, but it was as if a golden age had ended. In time the vigilantes and mercenaries came on the scene, and the shadows deepened as we entered the twilight age of our world.
Last year Prometheus reappeared, and led the remaining heroes of our world against a foe unlike any the world had seen. And that day the legend ended. Prometheus gave his life to enable the other heroes to escape and to end the threat once and for all.
Today Skystar Films is proud to announce that we will begin filming the never before revealed true story of the man who was Prometheus. This multi-million dollar budgeted production will use state of the art special effects and CGI specially researched for this project and will star a cast the likes of which have never been seen before.
Let’s give the villain a name: Slayzar
Slayzar: Prometheus’ powers were completely natural. The poor simple soul couldn’t understand why he was different from others, so he caught religion to explain it Unfortunately he chose the teachings of a man who died two thousand years ago to cope with his problems in this modern world.
(Concept: The magicians of Pharaoh’s court could duplicate some miracles, through dark powers or trickery perhaps. Slayzar covets Prometheus’ powers and will do anything to get them.
Slayzar claims he has inherited Prometheus’ power and renames himself Lucifire, the fire fallen from Heaven.
The actor actually inherits the Prometheus’ power and renames himself Pentecost, acknowledging that the power comes from God as His gift.
A hero frowns at Slayzhar who is resorting to black magic along with his ‘science’.
‘I liked you better when you were a mad scientist.’
Slayzar: ‘ I bet you did. Because when I was just a tinkerer, I couldn’t do….THIS!!!’
((Fires off an energy bolt or throws the hero through a wall or something))
Slayzar: We live in the age of vermin! Humanity has become parasites on the carcass of a dying religion! Weak, small minded, petty….! They exist only because the outdated concepts of charity and equality linger like tormented ghosts! But a time is coming when the natural order will be restored! The strong will destroy the weak, and man kind will once more begin evolving ever upward until we are like unto the gods!
That's all I wrote tonight. Basically the idea is a hero from the golden age of America returns for one final battle and leads the heroes of the nations against Slayzar. The hero is martyred saving the other heroes. In the current timeline a film company hires the actor to play the part of Prometheus, the fallen hero. The film presents Prometheus as a troubled and haunted man, a racist and a bigot, and downplays his faith or ridicules it. The actor is a bit distressed, but is lulled into continuing because of money, drugs, and women that the director and producers throw at him. A young boy follows the actor around, who hero worships Prometheus because his grandpa was rescued by the hero once. At first the actor thinks it's cute, but as he finds out how unpleasant the portrayal of Prometheus is in the film, he finds the kid irksome.
 Chastity Cortez, a police investigator (Kevin Yong's Virtue) arrives on the site conducting an investigation (she's trailing one of Slayzar's henchmen who is on the set). They arrange an 'accident' to kill her, but the actor intervenes and saves her.
With the movie set temporarily closed for investigation, Virtue offers to take the actor to meet the people that knew Prometheus. Curious, the actor goes along. And so begins the various encounters with the heroes you want to have in the story.
Various topics you guys can compile are addressed. It is also revealed in the process that Prometheus was a God fearing man, but because he kept the glory for himself, he lost his powers. God restored his powers on his last day on earth to meet the threat of Slayzar with the heroes. The battle was inconclusive, Slayzar's base and most of his armies were destroyed, but Slayzar was metamorphosized into Lucifire and Prometheus used his remaining power to suicide attack Lucifire and bought time for the heroes to escape.
One hero reveals that in his last moments, Prometheus gave high praise to God and rejoiced as he grappled with his enemy, before unleashing his powers and perishing.
The actor learns the truth, along with being taught some important lessons about Christianity and though unconvinced of the existence of God, goes alone to challenge the director, threatening to quit the slanderous and revisionist film. This really annoys Slayzar who decides to kill the actor in a fit of rage, revealing that he is now Lucifire, and rivals Prometheus. Slayzar plays cat and mouse with the actor, and suddenly the kid gets in the way and gets hurt. At that moment the actor realizes the kid is more like Prometheus than he is, and he has seen real faith in action. 'Greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for another'.
The actor accepts the Lord and the power comes upon him as it did to Prometheus years ago. As Slayzar is battered and defeated, in a daze he gasps 'Pro...Prometheus...!'
'The name's Pentecost. And it is not I who defeats you, but the Lord through me!'
*Knock out punch*
Yeah! It doesn't get more cliche than this:) This is why I don't write serious stories:)
Also keep an eye on the googledocs because that's where the story/scprit will be put into life...
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  • I also noticed that the gauntlets I did are similar to the gauntlets that you originally designed.

  • cool. I think I will try the santa maurta skull face paint as an option.

  • On the original the horns were turned upward more. I'll have to send you some later today I'm about to go to bed.

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  • I'll have to find my old sketch book for the original. I have a pic of him from the 80's 90s when I redesigned him though. I'll send you some of those. He was basically a skull and conan helmet with horns, I had a thing for skulls.

  • send me a pict on of the mask. I would like to develop it too. Its great to see that the dreams of a 9 year old are coming true. God is awesome! 

  • This is really good. It's funny the horns on the shoulders are similar to the horns on the mask I originally gave him. I guess the character lends to that sort of idea. I like the whole thing. This character was really just a name and costume I came up with when I was 9. You've really developed it. Awesome!

  • Chris here is my take on TamBlakrah. His background character sheet is in the google docs. He has the most intensive back story I created thus far. Thanks for allowing me to give this guy some life. It was a wonderful and much needed creative process for me.3884404434?profile=original

  • lol. I do get that vibe, but I think Prom-Alp is starting to become a sort of tragic superman. BTW I added your character stuff to the Google docs. Let me know if it works for you. I also would like to try to shoot for a meeting monday or tuesday evening.

  • If anyone gets a Superman vibe it's because I swiped this pose from the animated Superman.

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