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I don't visit this site very often, because I agree that there is not much interaction. I was hoping to connect with artists and writers who are actively working to break in or expand their work. Maybe I'm not using the site properly. (if so, a road map would be appreciated) I don't want to preach, I want to reach. Some Christian comics are so preachy, most Christians probably would not want to read them. It should be story and character first and any religious content should flow from there, especially if we hope to reach into the non-Christian comic world. Okay, start shooting those arrows.

joe sarnicola

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  • I'm rather new to this community, but what I've found is that by following links on this site I've been able to find more and more networks and connections in the Christian Comics & Media community.  Just this evening I followed a link on someone's post to a site and kept following links to websites and found some really great stuff and some people that I'm reaching out to.
  • Hey Joe,

    I'm the CCAS webmaster and I appreciate your comments about using the site.

    Our vision is to provide opportunities and tools for our members to connect, collaborate with and encourage each other. Sometimes the outcome of our efforts falls short of that vision.  


    Please continue to let us know what is effective and what isn’t. Your feedback can help us hone in on better ways to run this site.

    It might help to know that our site is based on the Ning social networking service. This means that in some areas, we may not have the option to modify the way the site operates, but we will work with what we can to make it the best experience for our members.

    Thank you for your participation!


  • Hey Joe,

    To find us on this site you'll have to do a little work. If you go through the photo section, you can click on the artist's links to see wht they're up to. This isn't facebook, but there's some interaction here if you look for it.

  • If you want to reach lotsa people fast, make a compelling Youtube video.
  • Hey Joe,


    I hear you. I personally need to make an effort to be on the site more. Are you currently working on any projects? Feel free to check out the projects I have in there works: Take care and have a blessed weekend.

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