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Red Moon 01 Page 02

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  • You bet it can mean something harmless, it just depends on intention. Thanks for clarifying! And yes, emailed you already!

  • God bless you Rebecca and thank you for replying to my email and I wasn't aware of the use of the word pin up to be offensive I'm very sorry. I've been a artist in progress for 10 years,not that never drawn when growing up as a young kid in the Bronx of NYC. I was slowly introduced to the world of art by various of artist and i always heard artist is especially comic book illustraters using this term pin up. Wow!!! I learned something new today thanks to you Rebecca. So Rebecca would be possible to draw a poster of my characters in a 8 by 11 size? Please let me know if it's possible my email is
    Thank you for your book summary and I encourage you to keep doing inspiring art that transmit purpose from on high. Shalom and look forward your reply.
  • I've replied! And just to clarify for others who may read this, 'pinup' has come to mean a few different things. In the context of sex symbols, I will no longer do that sort of work. It's amazing to me how I've slid little bits over the years to allow sexualization of characters into my work. Now I have no desire to be on slippery slopes.

    On the other note, Francine Rivers writes wonderful Christian fiction. One of her most acclaimed is the "Mark of the Lion Series" which takes us to Rome during the days of Christian's fed to Lions in the Arena. It is an empowering story about a Jewish girls faith and how the little and big things matter to God and can be used for his good. It features 3 main characters, with a large supporting cast. One slave girl, one Roman man and one German Gladiator. I recommend the read! It's been slowly helping me to have a bolder faith too. And to STOP minimizing what God can do.

  • God bless you  I wanted to ask you if had the time to do a pin up of two characters that I created. please let me know and please email if possible.
  • Mark of the Lion series? am not familiar of Francine rivers can you be able to send me a link of your work. Thank you Shalom

  • Thanks so much Edgar! I'm not much of a background artist, so this took me forever XD One day I'll likely add to it. It's a bit too quiet for the city I picture, even for the rising of the sun. :) I just read some Francine Rivers again after ages of them sitting on my shelf. It is inspiring for the feel I'm looking for in ways through her 'Mark of the Lion" series.

  • Love the scene of the light shining on the city.

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