Red Moon 01 Cover

Revisited version of the cover. There were things to fix and I felt it lacked a bit.

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  • Greg Granderson, thanks for your comment! Synopsis is found on the comic website, but also here:

    The "Books" of Red Moon are chapters of the story. Book 1 is the first in this series. 

    Synopsis: The earth has experienced a series of disasters and environmental changes, wars and plagues, and all of them have come to a cataclysmic climax with the melting of the Northern and Southern Poles that submerged a large portion of the earth under water. With the loss of so much land, cultures have reached a clash over the remaining inhabitable places on their 'New Earth'. While the world powers struggle to find footing, and war is waged between the East and West Factions. 

    While the East has plummeted into a precarious balance of more cultures and religions than it can manage, they fight among themselves in a way that has left them vulnerable and nonthreatening to the rising new world power in the West known to many as 'The Dragons Lair'. While the East has lost technology and dries up to desiccation, the 'Dragon's' jewel City thrives with power, provisions and a contrasting steel and tech landscape. 

    Our story begins in the East, in the diverse city of Rasharr. Here, among the desert, the waste lands, the sand and heat that decays the city, a young spirit becomes caught up in a race to end Religion. This young girl has a unique ability that the has brought strife to her life as groups throughout the world wish to claim or take her life given what she can do. With this 'gift' she fights through a world in turmoil under the light of a dying sun and blood red moon.

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  • Nice! Interested to know what this story is about. Can you give a synopsis?
  • Thanks so much  Tom Montgomery!!! 

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  • Amazing!

  • Thanks again Gerald Teal !!! It's been bugging me for months. I had to fix this thing!

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  • Awesome !

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