This is a sketch for a story Idea I have currently called "The Swimming Hole". This is the story I want to do more than any other, but I'm sort of afraid to start it until my art is at the level that the I feel the story deserves. Until then It will be an inspiration for my sketches. Feedback always appreciated.

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  • Thank you Troy for the encouragement. I'll attempt to finish it
  • Nathan,

    Really like your style here, I think you should finish this. Definitly post it when you complete, would love to see it.

    You will always be your worst critic. Dont worry this is very good!

  • Hey Miabu, Thanks man. I agree I just have to remain focused to what God's call and will is. And do my best for his name's sake. I don't know how long it will take a week or several years. I'm just trying to go where God Leads.

    Donny, Thanks! just provide me your email and ill send it over. You can private message me if you prefer. I really appreciate it man and you know if you have time only! Just started thinking it would be nice to get feedback, but there is definitely no rush on this.

  • I don't know how good your waiting to be but, about 15 years ago God gave me an idea for a comic and I thought, 'whoa! I'm sooo not ready to draw this, I have to get better first....'

    During those 15 years I questioned Gods call on my life....and many times he has encouraged me to keep getting better. I'm glad I waited and worked hard at getting better.....God gave me more ideas and more stories. I'm looking forward to seeing how you/we are used in his purpose for our lives. =D

  • I'll give it a read. :3

  • I was wondering, if anyone is interested I have the first  2 "chapters" written out for this story. I would love feedback and suggestions if anyone would care to skim through it. Let me know I'll send a PDF.

  • "take the risk!" Start on the project and show a progression of talent. A good friend and mentor gave me these words of advice and motivation. and they helped tremendously!

  • Wow, thank you all for true encouragement. Everyone on CCAS has been an amazing blessing. I hope to start this comic sooner than later, but feel my style is still going through an evolution at the moment. But the positive is I've been happy with my progress and the things I've been learning. I will continue to learn and experiment with the Sparrow, which I started as a practice, and work on fleshing out this story in the meantime. I will post whatever I do to get your guys valuable input and feedback. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart, an drop of positive encouragement is like gallons of "fuel" in my creative tank! God bless you all :)
  • This is awesome! I would be interested in seeing more!

    And just a little advice from some one who knows, your art and style is excellent so don't be afraid, we have never known many great people because of fear! I lose sleep sometimes over the time I have lost waiting "Til I got better" "The the story was juuust right" "What if no one likes it". :P

    Make a few comics and let us see what you got, you'll lose nothing but stand to gain a lot even if your nervous, but spoiler..... Its gonna be great! ;)

    This is just my two cents though, sorry if I over stepped the line Nate. OwO

    God bless! X3

  • Looks good!

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