Olivia and Joe's snack shop

This is a scene I did on Poser for a R&RJiS episode I am working on. Here the kids are on their way back from a mission in their space shuttle and Olivia and Joseph get some fruit snacks and juice for everyone. One of the advantages of Poser or Daz3D or Blender, is you don't have to redraw anything over and over. Just build the model once, and then your done, after that it is just pushing the 3D model around the screen. This scene looks complicated, but it was very easy. Just load up the shuttle, load up the 6 kids and pose them, then add snacks, and click render and voila here you go. But to try and draw this in 3D would take a long time. To try and manipulate it after you draw it would be impossible. Where-as in Poser or DAZ3D or Blender if I want to change something like Raegan's eye color from Blue to Green, or her hair color from blonde to black, or hair style from long to short, I just make the change, move a character over a little, or change the camera angle, then re-render, and voila, in about 30 seconds I have a completely new picture changed from the previous, and I did not have to re-draw it. If you are interested in 3D rendering or animation DAZ3D is free you can go try it. If you want to build 3D models and not just use the free stuff, Blender is free you can go try that.

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