Modern Christians 6.21

Okay, to the Modern Christian fans and my followers, sorry I took so long for getting the next page up. If you read my latest blog you would know. I had writers block and struggled with figuring out the best way to get the conversation on the next page. Not this one, but the one afterward. (6.22) I didn't plan for this scene with David and his friends eating lunch and talking about Katy Perry at first, but thought it would be good to add in to make the story more interesting. I wanted to get more into psychological behavior or philosphy talk on parenting, but I couldn't get the right words or know enough about parenting to keep going. Then I just thought of something simple to make the story keep going.

The rest of the story should go smoothly now, since I pretty much have it all planned out in my head and have a script down already.

So anyways, how do you feel about how David Spencer feels here? Can you agree with him? Do all parents deserve respect no matter what?

The video David is refering to is this one. It has over 7 million views as of now.

I warn you though, it's pretty difficult to watch. View at your own risk. But at least almost everyone is taking that girl's side and has raised awareness of her dad.

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  • I guess I was raised old school. I deal with the miscreants of society daily and see that mostly they were spoiled and had no rod either to beat or to guide them. My personal interviews, interrogations and investigations prove this fact.  I my experience had been that children who have didn't receive spanking for misbehaving and only received "time outs" are harder to deal with as adults and have a harder time understanding the concept of consequence of action. I don't think that a child should be abused but I do believe in spanking. There are countless times I have seen what my grandfather and father-in-law have both stated "A hard head makes a soft behind". I see it play out every day in real time in the lives of others. But I understand if you the crowd does not agree. I can only base my opinions off of my experience. Unfortunately most of my experience has been dealing with society's negative portions.

  • Thanks Brien! :)

  • Dave, Thanks for sharing your thinking-behind-the-scenes; makes your quality strip even more enjoyable. And I really agree with your final decision on this panal.  Teachers-parents-artists don't need to have all the answers. We need to have a compassion for our subject(s), and a willingness to tackle the deep issues and learn as we go. This panal is laying out a difficult issue in a compassionate manner...and it would be completely realistic for the characters to discuss the issue and then move on.

    Your writing and scripting on this strip is top-notch Dave.  More, more!

  • btw... I DO NOT agree with the tag team spanking that IS excessive. 

  • I might get some flack for this but I got to chime in. I watched the video. I vividly remember simmilar "spankings" from when I was a kid. I learned that when mom said "lay down on the bed and don't get up!" she meant it. Any time you see a child getting disciplined it "looks" bad. Its corporal punishment, it hurts and its not meant to look or be pretty. Otherwise little missy would (and will) continue to act out. Flash forward to me dealing with my kids. I have had to spank my kids when they were bad. It hurts as a parent to put your hands on them that way. But its part of parenting. My wife reminds me daily that we have to parent a child for who they are and where they are in life. So a hard spanking may be in order for one child and a stern look might suffice for another. (hence my son -- stern look, my daughter -- LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!) I love them both tremendously, I just have to parent them differently. If you love them you will discipline them.

    And as a cop, I have to tell plenty of parents, understand where corporal punishment stops and simple assault / battery starts.  My worst arrest was a mom who "spanked" her 16 yr old daughter and left whelps on her buttocks and lower back. I didn't want to do it but was ordered to. It didn't fix the problem, in fact it made it worse. Because mom lost a good paying job due to a child who didn't want to be disciplined and had a bad mouth and attitude. And Missy now thinks that when ever she is chastised she can over ride mom by calling the police and having her carted off to jail. But this is the society that we live in... the inmates run the asylum. 

  • I've been told there is a scripture verse 'Parents, do not provoke your children to wrath'. Perhaps they are inseperably linked, and when either 'Honor thy Father and thy Mother' or 'do not provoke your children to wrath' are disobeyed, sin reigns? Colossions 3:21 might be it.

    Whether overly strict rules constitute abuse, I do not know...but it certainly might provoke the child if it's nonsense like Satanic smurfs....

    It's very good to see "Modern Christians" back David!

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