Liana and Eye expressions

This is a page from a comic I put together (second chapter). I just like how much expression you can get from just the eyes. I draw the character once, then use software to adjust the postures etc.

Liana likes being in charge and usually got an opinion on things (right or wrong!).

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  • This is great! I love Sam's expression in the last panel!

  • Oh, and I did not draw the backgrounds. I use Unity 3D (a game engine) to take screenshots in 3D models I buy from the Unity asset store.
  • I am a newbie artist (not very good!) I found that doing on computer I can hit undo over and over again - it’s great! ;-) I could not draw it a second time and get the same result. So I use adobe character animator to create videoes. Only finished 2. Voice actors I found hard to find. People say “yes” with best intentions, but don’t have the time. (I am only approach people with public speaking experience. Need good expression in the voice.)

    So I started creating screen shots from the videoes - no voice actor required! Because I have the adobe monthly plan, I get all the creative suite bundled. So I just use adobe Indesign to assemble the pages. The text bubbles probably should be uppercase and round in hindsite - but seems okay... It’s a comic font, in a rectangle with a black border. To get the little lines I merge shapes. See for a blog with more details.

    Would love to get any expert advice. Lots of first times for me in this project.
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  • very cool, I like the page layout. do you do the lettering on the ipad as well or just the art? 

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