this is a pin up of a comic story I hope to finish soon.

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  • Awesome!! Great art layout you post up and by the way what are your rates on coloring B/W pin ups and thumbnails? I hope to hear from you soon. God bless you. Peace my email is or"



  • ?...drew this...?...Nice...Blessings

  • wow. I urge you to continue to pray. The second story concept has more depth, in my opinion. Its going to take a strong writer to complete that story. You may be just the man for the job...

  • This is still a story I am praying about because I have to ideas for it. The first one is Jack Kirby inspired where Tarsus the super hero is chosen to defend the world from the villain Mendacious creations; it is a King David like story because Tarsus is first David Munro a low farm working boy who also happens to be in Sampson's blood line and God chooses him to stop the invasion. The second idea, (and this is the one I get heat for), is doing a story about a super hero with multiple personality disorder. One personality is the worlds greatest super hero and the other is the worlds most vile villain. And its a story on how God has given modern medicine to us to battle ill's in our lives and how the holy spirit can conquer our dark desires; this story line usually leads to a really nasty spiritual debate so I am leaning on the first idea more, only because I find debating useless and un-helpful to the body of Christ. The other reason is I haven't found an artist who is really compelled to work on either story, so I as a writer just wait to see what God wants me to do with it. 

  • when are we going to see more? The tone and feel of this piece is intriguing. I am drawn into wanting to know the backgrounds of the characters. 

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