First page

From first to last. Last page to be colored, first page to my Jesus Steampunk comic book.

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  • I don't use layers besides the ink line layer and the layer I color on. The pic does look different on other devices and for some reason on CCAS if I don't change the pic to RGB from CMYK then the colors get wonky. But on facebook it doesn't have that problem. The colors still look more richer on my android than my computer monitor.
  • Cool. Yeah that time frame plays a big part. The work is still awesome non the less. And knowing that you hustle to get your work done... Makes you a better man than me
    Lol... What's crazy is that I'm looking on my phone and the pic looks totally different than on my laptop. The pic looks darker for some reason. Do you use layers to color or do you color it in one shot? I love working fast on stuff. If I linger too long on a piece I feel like I'm not being productive.
  • Thanks Chris. Yea I could had done more, but I give myself a time limit to color my pages. Then I just have to let it go. But the way how everyone in the pic shares the same plane works with the eerie dialogue not shown.

  • Hey Todd my man.  Your piece is awesome.  Cool idea.  If you agree with what I'm saying possibly try to figure out how to distinguish the foreground, middle ground, and background a bit more.  Right now even though you drew everything according to a great perspective, it's difficult on the eye visually.  You could use inking to do it, but playing around with dark and light/hues will accomplish it more.  

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