Resurrection Hope!

1Corinthians 15; people, we have immortality before us!!

Easter is coming, Easter is coming, Easter is coming...!

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  • Dear Mr. Sparling:

    Very well done. I'm starting to think it would be impossible for you to draw a bad picture. I liked what you said about rationality and I have become convinced that it is this reason that our Lord did things as He did. There is nothing about our faith that is rational, though I would challenge Mr. Cave to examine the historical record concerning Christ before 'logicking' it away. In the end, it isn't our rationality that He wants. It is our love and our passion for Him and for others on His behalf that He desires. To come to Christ rationally could be an option, but the best part, our love and desire, would be absent. We would miss the desire to have the relationship we have with Him and any relationship without passion will die. Happy Easter, everybody!

  •      Sunday afternoon, the day after I posted this picture, I listened to a radio broadcast by philosopher Stephan Cave ( ) exploring the issue of Immortality. Well more accurately...the stories we tell ourselves about the afterlife because we are afraid of death; tales about resurrection were specifically mentioned. Cave was obviously an intelligent and thoughtful individual, why else would TED sponsor his radio broadcast and book on Immortality stories? His replacement for resurrection hope is to live the best life you can in the time you're given.

      In first Corinthians 15, Paul says that most of the 500+ witnesses to the resurrected Christ were still alive at the time of his writing. He himself witnessed the resurrected Christ and holds up his own U-turn in lifestyle as added evidence. However...that was two thousand years ago, and in the comfort of my living room listening to a well-behaved, educated individual dismiss my risen Lord along with other tales could tempt me to tone down my accepting of other belief systems.

          But reasonable, open-minded individuals make rotten passionate lovers. 1 Corinthians 15 is not about hedging your bets and playing the odds; it details our being rebuilt from the inside-out. When reality dissolves like a crazy dream, whatever the God's Spirit has built within us will be exposed. Glorious Hope, people!

    Stephen Cave | Speaker | TED
    Philosopher Stephen Cave wants to know: Why is humanity so obsessed with living forever?
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