Be kind, everyone has battles.

"Don't judge people, you don't know what kind of battle they are fighting." My Quote for this art.

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  • Great message. Great art!

  • This is a beautiful piece, wow, truly awesome.  The 3D effect is really cool.  I rarely see this in comic art but should be used a lot more.  You killed it.

    I'm a strong believer in not judging, because back in the day in my early christian walk I would judge very harshly, and God really went out of His way to teach me #1 How not to do it #2 Why we shouldn't do it..

    The worst critic tends to be ourselves anyway, so it's not necessary for others to judge.  The conviction is always there.  Plus, only God is truly wise enough to understand the entire situation from all sides, the seen and the unseen.  Yes we are christian, but we are still human and we all have our inner struggles. God leaves room for people to fall and learn from their misfortunes, mistakes, sin, bad choices, etc.. God uses everything to teach us, gently guiding our every step until we learn the wisdom needed to be one step closer to being made in his image.   

    Job's friends judged him very harshly, and weren't friends at all.  It would've been better for them to not say anything.  I believe the thing is, when a person judges another they do it partly because they want the person to change over night, but what is needed for the one that judges is more patience and more love to understand what the person is going through, and just focus on being a good friend.  That person in his moment of weakness is a drop in the bucket when it comes to time compared to the rest of his/her life.  And, most of the time the one who judges is doing the same exact thing except their's is done in secret, so that no one knows....their image is preserved before people, but God knows, hears, and sees all, so at the end of the day they aren't fooling anyone but themselves.  Jesus knew exactly what he was talking about when he said focus on the log in your own eye.  

    We have to look at it from a broader perspective, because we may not be sinning now, but who says that we won't sin later because of the flesh, or because of some sort of inner struggle.  We all have our weakness that the enemy exploits.

    The best thing the one judging can do is be a loving friend, pray according to God's will for that person, and be silent. 

  • That's a good motivation to be kind to people:)
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