Soul of a Hero at Onyx Con 6

Here is my own booth girl helping out at Onyx Con 6 we are promoting The Soul of a Hero web graphic novel. We did VERY well in raising donations for the comic. But we still need your help too!

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  • @ david. Started with $0 in collateral. I did commissions and other projects prior to this project and funneled those funds into this project. As for samples, I had custom logo afro pics, two large posters and flyers. I also did sketch cards for $5 (sold none though). I also did custom commissions where I draw the client as any super hero and put him of a custom cover, that went very well. I took orders and told them to either pay in cash/check on site or make a indieGOGO donation and put that they want the Onyx Con perk in the message. SO I have a few commissions to do this week. Lastly and most important check out the webcomic alliance (

    podcast it has INVALUABLE information. They talk about and trouble shoot All things web comic and Comic Con. So learned from Dawn, Byron, Drez, and Antoine mistakes and successes. I even went as far as going to Philly to see Dawn in action at a convention (I live in Atlanta). YOU GOTTA BE HUNGRY AND WANT IT! AND TEAM DPD&Y! is starving and motivated! But send me a friend request and we can chat more off line. I would love to share what I have with you.  

    I am hitting FSO, and the Black Expo in 2014 as well as a few other cons. 

  • thanks for the compliments! The pic was BIG hit!

  • Booth looked BOSS!... I am DIGGIN IT!.. :)

  • This is getting me fired up! I love the 70's vibe! I'm launching a comic on the web starting Labor Day and was planning to promote it at a few comic conventions, black expo, fish fest, etc.


    How was it promoting a web comic at a convention? What king of collateral did you have? Did you have any pages to give out, or a couple of iPads to display the comic on? I'm just hoping to gain some insight from your experiences as far as what worked and what didn't work.



  • I love the 'fro pick cutout

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