Yoshi posted a status
Apr 22, 2021
My momma just died from Covid. She wasn’t even 50, and most of us kids are under 20. I can’t do this anymore, we have been dealing with crisis after crisis.
And now we don’t have our momma.
How the hell does this benefit God?
What do we do now?
I’m so scared

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  • I just now saw this and I'm so sorry for your loss!!! 😢

    I'm praying for you and your family. As Mr. Gerard Lee said, PLEASE don't blame God for this tragedy or turn away from Him during this time. He loves and cares for you and your siblings just as He did for your mom. But until we go to Heaven to be with Him forever, we have to live in a world marred by Adam's sin. 

    But God will still be there for you and your family. And your brothers and sisters in Christ on here are here for you too. 💜💜💜

  • Hi Yoshi, would you mind posting the link to the GoFundMe or messaging me with the link here? I'd like to donate what I can. Praying for you and yours!
  • My sister was able to set up a gofundme for us, and it is really helping💕

    thank you for suggesting it!

    We are doing better, it’s tough, but we’re taking it day by day.

    our church has blessed us so much in these last few days, we are happily overwhelmed💛

    thank you for your prayers and encouragement, it really helps


  • Praying God will comfort you & your family, Yoshi. Don't be afraid, because God is & will always be your Shepard!
  •  I feel so sad for you and the loss of your mother! Praying to your Lord and mine.

      You are part of a chain of caring: God and others will care for you, you will find the strength to care for your brother and father who need you.  This is going to be a hard year but you will get through it because your spirit and the holy spirit will not let you fail.

    Please keep journaling and drawing; your record will mean a lot to you later on.

    Keep writing us.

  • Yoshi, let us know if there is anything we can do for you, 'kay? Praying for you and yours this morning, and will keep you in our thoughts.
  •  Oh Yoshi, I am so sorry for the loss of your mother! I know this may only be noise right now, I'm sorry. But God cares for you and your siblings so much! Please, don't turn away from Jesus in this tragedy. He wants to be with you now, when you need HIm most! 

    Could you start a GoFundMe to help  your family out in the short term while you and your loved ones seek assistance? There are possibilities, they are scary. You could make rounds with the local churches and explain your family situation and see if they can help. You could seek state hardsip assistance and perhaps public housing? I do not know what you will find Yoshi, I can't foresee how this will end up.I live at a poverty level financially, and have to live with my very elderly folks due to disabilities. But if you will message me here with a GoFundMe invitation or your Paypal email address, I will send what little I can. I will be praying hard for you and yours, 

    --- Gerard Lee

    • Thank you for encouraging me, I needed that

      I’ll look into these options, thanks for suggesting them

      my brother and I are going to look for jobs to help our dad, but we’re not sure where to start. 

      This was helpful, thank you ❤️

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