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  • I'd be happy to learn about Vampires. The classic Genre as more used by Anne Rice and of course Bram Stoker makes for a facinating spiritual metaphore, which is the direction I'm taking it. And my vampires don't sparkle and fall in love with insecure teen girls.
    So, please, share your knowledge with me. I'd love to hear about it.
    And the work you have on your page here, is really great. Solid work. I am very impressed with the form, light and shadow, and composition.
    I'm an art teacher, I know what I'm talking about.
  • Congratulations on your new job Steven. I can feel you will do great in that position. Unfortunately at the moment you won't be able to collaborate with me. Maybe we can make that happend in the future, GOD willing. I'll keep you abreast on our progress and feel free to contact me anytime. GOD bless you steven and I wish you much fortune in your new position.
  • The Catalog is "frozen" as is until we do a new printing--whenever that might be! However, if you want to send me a copy for review, that would be great. Send to me at PO Box 254, Temple City, CA 91780. The "price" for being included in the Catalog is that you give us 20 free copies of the book (with all proceeds going to reimburse us for the cost of printing the Catalog). After that, we would buy a few from you at a time (at a discount).
  • Thanx alot for the comment. You're not lookin too shabby yerself there bub! Keep up the good work.
  • Hi steven I haven't heard from you. Have you talked it over yet? I hope all is well.
  • Hey Steven! Welcome to the site! I wanted to take a second to invite you over to my page. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Later man-

    peace & GOD bless-
  • The site is a little overwhelming at first. Not sure where to start. I feel like I need a tourguide.
  • Great Steven. Talk it over with your wonderfully supportive wife and Hopefully she gives the go ahead. Scott McCleod in his book about comics said, It is difficult to charge full price for comics on the internet as we do in the comic book shop, but you stand to make customers on the quantity of orders if you charge small incremental amounts. If you and your wife give the go ahead, I'll explain the game plan for potential profits. But I'd rather do that via email. you can email me at you can create a new Christiam comic book title for our company website, or if you want, maybe you can use the anthology piece for the website as well as for your own personal use. We can definitely work something out and remember, we would be installing 8 pages at a time so hopefully this wouldn't impede on your other schedules to much. We definitely have to go for our dreams. I look forward to hear from you Steven. Take care and the best wishes to you and your family.

    Joseph regis
  • Hi Steven, You are definitely not a lazy artist with 10 pages to go on a 120 page anthology. Keep me posted when it's finished and How I can purchase it to show support. Me myself, I'm working on the creation of my own Christian comic book company, initially starting via the internet. I have a couple collaborators on board but I would love to work with a talented artist and creator as yourself. So I am officially inviting you to join us. We would only be creating 8 pages at a time so the schedule wouldn't stop any other workloads you may have. It will be for eventual profits, so GOD Bless us all involved. We have a talented bunch on board and it would be great to have you along as well Steven. Please send me an email and we can discuss it further via my email at I hope I wasn't to forward, and continue the great work Steven.

    Joseph Regis
  • Hi Steven, how is Pax Avalon coming along. I checked out your pictures on your pages. You are definitely not a lazy artist. I hope to hear from you how your artwork is coming along.

    Joseph Regis
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