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  • Thanks for the welcome Scott.:) I will like to take you up the offer of writing, but you do know I'm in Trinidad. Would that be a problem? Send me some more info on it. Thanks again! Blessings.
  • Hi, Scott. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, but I've been busy with end-of-the-semester schoolwork. I've got some questions written down if you could still use them, but I wasn't sure whether we would be dealing specifically with the Christian comics industry or the industry as a whole, and so I'm not sure whether the faith-based questions I included would necessarily apply. Let me know if you're still looking for someone to do the project, though. Thanks!
  • Hey Scott I am thankful for the offer and I am going to take you up on my offer. I am a firm beliver of the bible and base my life around it. I dont know comics. I have a gif to write and a plan from GOD and I am hoping this site will help me get it started.
  • hey man, check out my art on facebook! god bless
  • Hey Scott,
    I want to wish you a very merry Christmas...I wanted to pass along the blog post I just completed...its for Diamond won't be shipping out new titles the week between Christmas and New Years...its a good opportunity to put some of the CCAS members books on a shelf for at least a week...please pass it on! Thanks!
    God Bless!
  • Hey, Scott. Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys in the future. "Quick, the HOLY ROLLER!"
  • Well, I've done a few blog posts just on a personal blog for my friends and I before, and I was an editor and writer for my school newspaper in high school, so I have at least some experience with interviews and articles and such. I'll think of some questions and show them to you when I've got some idea. Would this be just in the Christian comics industry, or the secular industry as well? I'd like to know whether to include questions pertaining to their faith and such. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the introduction and the info, Scott. I like what I've seen of CCAS so far. What was that you mentioned about interviewing people in the industry? You mean the comics industry, I'm guessing? If I knew how to get in touch with these people and what sorts of questions to ask them, then I might be interested. Give me some more details and I can get back to you. Thanks!
  • Hi Scott thanks for the welcome, I just post some of my artwork, please visit my page & have a look on it.

    God bless you richly.
  • Thanks for the welcome Scott. I appreciate the words you quoted of C.S Lewis, they are so true. I have posted few pictures on my site; wish they were more at thus point, but being a pastor and prison chaplain with four kids keeps one busy. I will consider the two other ideas and pray about them with God.

    Thanks for the welcome again.
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