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  • Hi, would any of the writers on this site allow me to draw from one of their scripts for practice?

    I want to work on sequential pages for my portfolio but I'm not much of a writer. It would be greatly appreciated and I would, of course, give credit to anyone whose work I used.

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    Hey guys! The Faithful Creative show, the podcast about the Intersection of Faith and Creativity is finally live!
    Spread the word & I would appreciate any feedback!

    FC 1: Introducing The Faithful Creative Podcast!
    In this introduction to the Faithful Creative podcast we take a look at what to expect in future episodes and discuss some of the challenges and ques…
  • Would any writers be willing to read a scrip I wrote and tell me if the formatting is good? haha

  • So I got some good news today.  It looks like I'll be writing a comic for the Chinese market! Now to get into some good cultural study and outline the story! 

  • I think if I wrote a book it would be for those who are learning disabled, to know that they aren't alone and that God has made them differently abled... not dis abled.  I would also like the church to know that they have a part in ministering to those who don't "look" disabled.  Though I agree that the church is asleep.  I'm glad to know there are good men and women out there waking people up!  

  • I also wrote my book, "Love Inspiration War" over a period of ten or more years without me realizing I was writing a book. I published it out of obedience to God. But I learned from promoting my former band, that you have pray, fast, and promote & market yourself until the right people get your book. I wrote the book for God's glory, to help people know the truth about God's most intimate love for them, win souls, help singles, help men, teach blacks & racial minorities Jesus' truth, and wake up a sleeping giant called "the body of Christ", etc.
  • I'm in that place where most of my friends have grand children and are marrying their kids off.  My two still live at home and are waiting for someone who shares their deep faith in Jesus Christ to be sent to them.  I went to Bible college but they chose a "secular" University because it afforded them the opportunity to share their faith with others.   That's getting more and more difficult for them and I really feel their frustration.   Of course people said I was "old" when I had my kids but I found that to be highly amusing.  I made choices and those choices led me down a very different path.  I do not regret it. 

    If you think of your writing as an extension of your giftedness then what you sell isn't as important as what you write.  Your perspective on your writing is perfect BunniAngel.   In the past, when I thought about publishing for the sake of saying I was published God always tugged at my heart a little.  Considering the gift is from God what we share as christian writers is a "good and perfect gift"  no matter how many copies we sell.  My kids are far more gifted then am I.  For that I am grateful.  

  • Yeah, its really hard but like you said, all i have is God...and I know it is in these kind of times when God is the closest. I have no family where I live and all my friends are married with kids so I have no one to spend time with. I'm at home alone a LOT and its very easy to let it really pull you down.

    Publishing for me is more of an inner accomplishment than trying to make money, it always has been. My first novel has sold over 100 copies in the 3 years its been out (but i've given away more than that lol). That's not much at all but I love knowing that I can say someone else has something that I did! and its Gods messages in it...hoping someone's life can be changed.

  • Lonely is a hard place to be.  I've been there.  My husband was in the military.  He was gone ALOT and it was the most empty feeling.  I didn't have many friends who understood what it was like to be a military wife and mom.  So my hope had to be in the Lord.  He was all I had to count on and he didn't fail.  I've been writing poetry since I was about 14.  (that was 34 years ago;) I have had a few things published but really, there isn't a huge market.  Since my son is an artist, I think we may be able to pull something together and eventually get it published. 

  • lol Velynda :) well I've been working on my stuff for 13 years...created an entire universe in that time. It's been a lot of fun.

    I actually keep a couple is my God Journal, where I jot down everything God reveals or says to me. Something I can go back and read when depression starts rearing its head.

    The other is one I jot down letters to my future husband...something I do when I get lonely (which is pretty often).

    And you are's very healthy and it helps a lot

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The Family Man

Hi, everybody:I had an idea for a story that runs along the lines of Nicholas Cage's movie 'The Family Man', which had the hero of the movie have a chance to see his life as it might have been if he had made other choices. I wanted to get a Christian perspective on the idea. Any thoughts? Thanks and God Bless.     

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Alternate Batman origins

Hi, everybody:I have an idea for a character, The Raven, who is a crimefighter in the same vein as Batman, a grim ruthless hunter of the night, though he's only in his late teens. Im a little lost on how to make him that mean without using the same origin, which I obviously don't want to do. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks and God Bless.

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I need help with a name.

Hi, everybody!Could anybody help me develop a name for a character? I have a character in mind for my Arabian Nights/ humor themed comic book. The type of character is the bully who won't come out and fight, but will instead scheme against and lie about the hero, while instigating others to fight them physically, sort of like Cliff Carmichael in the first run in Firestorm. He's arrogant, condescending and a coward, but you can't hit him without making it look like he's telling the truth.In my…

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