Creating a Graphic Novel

I'm gearing up for a trilogy graphic novel series based upon the Christian fantasy novel, Tarnished.

Your Needed For Hire

I'm looking for extremely finessed artists and samples of your artwork, as well as a quote for the first graphic novel (100 pages).  I'm open to several types of styles but need an artist who can handle fantasy and the variety of creatures it entails.  I'd love a "do it all" artist but understand the separate rolls in the development of art and am open to you even if you can only provide a single section of the work (i.e.-inking only, etc.).

I am looking for an artist to follow all the way through the entire series.  I absolutely do not want to have to switch artists mid project (my personal nightmare).

Starter Project

Additionally, if I chose to pursue you for your services I will start with the graphic novel prologue as a trial project.  So please provide a second quote for a 10 page project (that's 5 spreads).

Please also provide an estimate of artwork delivery time (i.e.-how long will it take you to do 100 pages).


The workflow would be as follows: you will get a storyboard from us communicating general layout intent.  You can deviate if you have ideas for enhanced layout approaches but they will need to be presented to us in the rough phase and if we okay it then you can carry on.  You'll work from the storyboard and the book (if you'd care to read up on the descriptions of the characters and action in the eBook).

*A unique requirement for our project is that you will need to provide underlayers for ever cell.  So when characters or elements overlap in space you'll need to provide the entire element completed.  We will compile them together into the final spreads if you do not work digitally.  If you do work digitally we will require the artwork to be delivered as a .PSD with each character or element on it's own layer.  This is extremely important due to the unique delivery approaches we'll be utilizing.  Please take this into consideration in your quote.

Digital or Traditional

You would deliver either digital or traditional (we don't prefer either) finished artwork (to fit an 8.5 by 11 portrait orientation page, full bleed, 2 pages per spread).

Feel free to email with your quotes, artwork samples and questions.  Thanks.

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  • I would love to work on this project and do the inks, and maybe color. I can do traditional ink work in many different styles, as well as digital inks. I prefer traditional pen and ink because I think it always looks better and has more appeal. Please see my examples of ink I have posted on here. I would be willing to accept a flat rate per page, and will be willing to work out a deal if you want me to do ink and color. Let me know if you want to move forward with this...thanks!


  • Hi I would like to work on this project  I would charge $25-$50 per page But I can work with you if this is goin to be a lengthy project. see some work at.

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