• I use 0.7 mechanical pencils and *Better* paper from Wal-Mart. To ink, fountain pens, or ball point. To color, Crayola pencils, markers, and my newest addition, pastels. I'm working up to water color...

  • Digitally. sometimes I use traditional. like any  paper and a ballpoint pen. X)

  • Right now I am using printer paper, a standard pencil, a good eraser and a ballpoint pen, all black and white. 

  • Hey, everybody:

    There's something that has occurred to me over the years: Drawing full-size on an 8x11 paper, then scanning them, then fitting them to a page via computer. Would that work?

    • Not sure if you mean drawing at the final print size, but I did try that years ago. Tom is absolutely right, shrinking makes your art look better.

      That said, I draw my strip on 8.5x11 card stock. I just break the strip across the pages. (two 1/4 panels or one 1/3 panel per page.) You do have to be careful how things end up looking when the panels are back together. Occasionally I'll find a box or something from one panel looks like it continues on the next, which looks confusing.

    • Hi Mike,

      You could do that if you want your comic to be of similar dimensions; but the comic page is generally a different aspect ratio.

      Also, comic boards tend to be large because when you shrink your drawing it will look sharper and imperfections disappear. 

      I draw all of my comics digitally since I have to submit them to the printer digitally anyway, and it gives me incredible flexibility too, with erasing and color management, not to mention shading and highlights. 


  • Paper, pencils, at the kitchen table. Someday I'm going to get one of those top-end Wacom Tablets.
  • i like to work on digital, but never change pencils and paper, they are basic and to powerful in the right hands
  • Since I don't have my own studio, I'd prefer use my computer. I make a pencil sketch on a paper (don't care what paper, usually HVS) and scan it. The rest is done in My computer. I usually use corel or photoshop.
  • i'm pretty much all on my tablet pc now. it's sooo flexible- i can take it anywhere and have all my needed art supplies at my disposal, digitally- plus i can work in any size and can hold it pretty much however. sometimes i sketch and scan, but other than that, it's all digital. plus the speed is amazing, and you can't edit undo a pen!

    also, i was very suprised- once i started getting to know various professionals- that they draw on various sorts of media and sizes for legit projects. but also considering digest sized graphic novels- stuff is generally drawn on other than 11x17. I honestly couldn't tell of you much of any pro friends who only draw at that size- and it's often done differently. crazy!

    that being said, i love inking with a brush- but in today's world, the pros of a tablet just exceed that of a brush- maybe if i have time one day, i'll go back to a brush. just takes much longer...
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